House Cocktails 



Brouwer’s Manhattan

Four Roses Single Barrel, Rothman & Winter Apricot Liqueur, Cocchi di Torino Vermouth and orange bitters.

Served chilled and up with brandied cherries.


The Reaping

James E Pepper 100 Proof Rye, Carpano Antica Formula, Starvation Alley 100% cranberry juice, Orange Bitters, Cinnamon simple syrup

Served on the rocks.


Tapatio Tommy’s Margarita

Tapatio Blanco 80, fresh lime juice , and agave nectar.

Served on the rocks. Salted only upon request.


145 days of darkness

Vanilla Bean infused Bacardi 151, Frangelico, Fonte Italian Roast Coffee.

Served hot with a chocolate stick and whipped cream.


Belgian 102

Biercée’s Peket de Houyeu Bbl-Aged Genever, Fresh Lemon Juice, Sugar, Sparkling Wine.

Served Up with a Twist



Four Roses Small Batch Bourbon, Lime, Maple Syrup, Regatta Ginger Beer

Served on the Rocks


coctel de moda viejo v.2 — Barrel-Aged Cocktail

Agave de Cortez Joven Mezcal, Old Overholt Rye, Averna Amaro, Angostura Bitters.

Served on the rocks.


House Kopstootje

Biercée’s Peket de Houyeu Bbl-Aged Genever

Ask for this traditional Belgian Spirit distilled with Brouwer’s Café.