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Credit Cards Only, Please.



Block 15 IPA (6.5%) Bend $5.00(16oz)

Cloudburst Mask On For Service Pale Ale (5.7%) Seattle $7.00(16oz)

Cloudburst Thunder Muscle IPA (7.8%) Seattle $7.00(16oz)

Grains of Wrath Built for Speed IPA (6.7%) Camas $6.00 (16oz)

Huyghe Delirium Tremens (8.5%) Melle $11.00(16oz)

Nightmare Brewing Gunga Rao Sour IPA (8.3%) $10.00(16oz)

Reuben’s Brews Triumvirate IPA Our House IPA (6%) Seattle $6.00(16oz)

Structures Fuzz IPA (6.3%) Bellingham $6.00(16oz)

Structures Forest King Brown Ale (5.2%) Bellingham $5.00(16oz)

The Ale Apothecary The AP One Thousand Wild Ale (5%) Bend $10.00(16oz)

Varietal Weedwolf Green Ritual DIPA (8.1%) Yakima $6.00(16oz)

Wayfinder Number 6 Lager (4.7%) Portland $4.00(12oz)

Wayfinder Shamanic Whip Pale Ale (6%) Portland $5.00(16oz)


Brabandere Bavik Petrus Aged Pale Sour (7.3%) Harelbeke-Bavikhove $10.00

Brabandere Bavik Super Pils (5.2%) Harelbeke-Bavikhove $7.00/$5.50

Brabandere Bavik Wittekerke WILD Wit (5%) Harelbeke-Bavikhove $7.00(12oz)

Dupont Saison Dupont Avec Les Bons Vœux (9.5%) Tourpes-Leuze $10.00

St Bernardus Sour Abt 12 Oak-Aged Sour Quad (10%) Watou $10.00*

Van Steenberge Monk’s Café Flemish Sour (5.5%) Ertvelde $10.00

Van Steenberge Gulden Draak (10.5%) Ertvelde $10.00


Weihenstephaner Hefeweissebier (5.4%) Freising $7.00/$5.50

Veltins Pilsner (4.8%) Meschede-Grevenstein $7.00/$5.50


Stiegl Grapefruit Radler (2.5%) Salzburg $8.00/$6.50


Unibroue La Fin Du Monde (9%) Quebec $9.00(12oz)


Cloudburst Old Tubthumper Westland Bbl-Aged Barleywine (11.9%) $10.00/$5.00*

Crucible Dark Elf Blood Chocolate &Raspberry Porter (5.8%) Woodinville $7.00/$6.00

Crucible Pink Drink Raspberry Sour (4.5%) Woodinville $6.00(12oz)

Fair Isle Bobbi Saison (7.1%) Seattle $9.00(12oz)

Fremont Darkstar Oatmeal Stout Nitro (8%) Seattle $7.00/$6.00*

Grains of Wrath Frost Hammer Helles Lager (4.6%) Camas $7.00/$6.00

Holy Mountain Final Will Brett IPA (6.5%) Seattle $6.00(12oz)

Reuben’s Brews Robust Porter (5.9%) Seattle $6.00/$5.00

Reuben’s Brews Three Ryes Men ’18 Bbl-Aged Barleywine (12.2%) $10.00/$5.00*

Reuben’s Brews Triumvirate IPA Our House IPA (6%) Seattle $6.00/$5.00

Structures Splash Pale Ale (5.2%) Bellingham $8.00/$7.00

Three Magnets Old Skook ’18 Barleywine (12.1%) Olympia $6.00/$3.00*

Urban Family Blackberry Harvest Blackberry Sour (4.5%) Seattle $8.00(12oz)


Block 15 Hypnosis ’20 Cognac Bbl-Aged Barleywine (12%) $8.00/$4.00*

Ex Novo Nevermore ’19 BA Barleywine w/ Figs & Cocoa Beans(11.5%) $8.00/$4.00*

Fort George Sign of the Wolf ’19 Bbl-Aged English Barleywine (12.5%) $10.00/$5.00*

Little Beast Quiet Storm Smoked Porter (6.4%) $7.00/$6.00

Oakshire Twelve ’18 12th Anniversary Bbl-Aged Barleywine (13.3%) $8.00/$4.00*

pFriem Belgian Strong Dark (10.5%) Hood River $6.00(12oz)


Firestone Walker DBA Amber Ale (5%) Paso Robles $6.00//$5.00

North Coast Old Rasputin RIS Nitro (9%) Fort Bragg $6.00(12oz)*

The Bruery White Oak Bourbon Bbl-Aged Wheatwine (12.5%) Placentia $10.00/$5.00*


Left Hand Galactic Cowboy Imperial Stout Nitro (9%) $8.00/$7.00*

New Belgium La Folie ’12 Sour Brown Ale (6%) Fort Collins $7.00(12oz)

Ciders/ Meads on Draft

Alter Ego The Brut Cider (6.5%) Portland $7.00/$6.00

Whitewood Dabinet & Kingston Black Blend Cider(8.3%) Olympia $11.00(12oz)

Ciders/ Meads by the Glass

Alpenfire Glow Rose Cider (6oz) $9.00

Alpenfire Cortland Cider (6oz) $9.00

Sea Cider Ruby Rose Cider (6oz) $9.00

Sea Cider Wild English Brett Cider (6oz) $9.00

Ciders by the Bottle & Can

Alpenfire Glow Rose Cider (750ml) $40.00

Alpenfire Cortland Cider (750ml) $29.00

Aspall Dry (330ml) $7.00

Aspall Perronelle’s Blush Suffolk Blackberry Cider (330ml) $7.00

Finnriver Black Currant Cider (500ml) $16.00

Finnriver Chimacum Kriek (500ml) $23.00

Finnriver Habañero Cider (500ml) $16.00

Finnriver Pear Cider (500ml) $16.00

Finnriver Plum Cyser (500ml) $23.00

Incline Marionberry Hopped Cider (12oz) $5.00

La Chouette Rose Demi-Sec (330ml) $10.00

Sea Cider Ruby Rose Cider (750ml) $35.00

Sea Cider Wild English Brett Cider (750ml) $32.00

Seattle Cider Co. Semi- Sweet Cider (16oz CAN) $6.00

Wandering Aengus Bloom Semi-Sweet (12oz) $7.00