BFM Abbaye De Saint Bon Chien (11%) Saignelegie$7.00(4oz)*

Bosteels Tripel Karmaliet (8.4%) Buggenhout $11.00

Brabandere Bavik Petrus Aged Pale Sour (7.3%) Harelbeke-Bavikhove $10.00

Brabandere Bavik Super Pils (5.2%) Harelbeke-Bavikhove $7.00/$5.50

Brabandere Bavik Super Wit (5%) Harelbeke-Bavikhove $7.00/$5.50

De Garre Triple (11.5%) Brugge $10.00*

Dupont Avec Les Bons Vœux 2017 (9.5%) Tourpes-Leuze $11.00

Rodenbach Grand Cru Flemish Sour Red  (6%) Roselare $10.00

St Bernardus Abt 12 Quad (10.5%) Watou$10.00

Tilquin Questsche Plum Sour (5.3%) Rebecq $8.00(4oz)*

Westmalle Trappist Dubbel (7%)Westmalle $10.00


Ayinger Bavarian Pils (5.2%) Aying $7.00/$6.00

Freigeist Bierkultur Salzspeicher Sauer Porter w/ Raspberry & Salt (6%) $10.00/$5.00*


Black Raven Great Grandfather ’20 Imperial Stout (11.9%) Redmond $10.00/$5.00*

Engine House #9 Detour Ahead Lager(5.2%) Tacoma LUKR Side-Pull . $7.00*

Fast Fashion Tech Time Hazy Pale (5.2%) Seattle$8.00/$7.00

Fremont Darkstar Oatmeal Stout Nitro (8%) Seattle NITRO $7.00/$6.00*

Garden Path 3 Year Blend (5.5%) Burlington $7.00 (4oz)*

Lowercase Mexican Lager (4.7%) Tumwater $8.00/$7.00

Matchless POG IPA (6.8%) Tumwater$8.00/7.00

Otherlands Prehistoric Creature of Tradition Altbier (5%) Bellingham$7.00/$6.00

Seapine/Bottleworks Pool Dad Lemon Zest Lager (4%) Seattle$7.00/$6.00

Stoup Bavarian Hefeweizen (5.0%) Seattle$7.00/$6.00

Structures Form and Void DIPA (8.2%) Bellingham$9.00/$8.00

Three Magnets Super Galena IPA (6.3%) Olympia $8.00/$7.00

Varietal Grievous Angel BA Imperial Stout (11.7%) Sunnyside$10.00/$5.00*

Wander Range Life WC IPA (6.5%) Bellingham$8.00/$7.00


Away Days Home and Away IPA (6.2%) Portland CASK$8.00*

Away Days Linc Malt ESB (5%) Portland$7.00/$6.00

Ecliptic/Georgetown Summer IPA (5.5%) Portland $9.00/$8.00

Great Notion Juice Jr. IPA (6%) Portland $8.00/$7.00

Heater Allen Abzug Lager (4.1%) McMinnville LUKR Side-Pull$8.00

pFriem Belgian Strong Dark (10.5%) Hood River $7.00 (12oz)

Wayfinder Kollaps Kolsch (4.7%) Portland LUKR Side-Pull$7.00*

VIA Stoner Control IPA (5.8%) Portland$8.00/$7.00



Fieldwork Green Diesel IPA (6.8%) Berkley $8.00/7.00

Firestone Walker DBA Amber Ale (5%) Paso Robles$7.00/$6.00

Firestone Walker Hat Trick PNC Sour ‘13 (11%) Paso Roble$6.00(4oz)*  

Radiant Another Surprise IPA (7.3%) Anaheim $8.00/$7.00

The Bruery Bottleworks XII ‘13 Release (8%) Placentia $6.00(4oz)*


Perennial Abraxas Imp. Stout w/cacao, chiles, vanilla ’18 (10%) $6.00(4oz)*


Une Annee Le Seul XVI Sour w/ Blackberry and Lemon (6.5%) Chicago $10.00/$5.00*


Epic Brainless on Raspberries Belgain Golden (9%) SLC NITRO $8.00 (12oz)*

New York 

Plan Bee Barn Beer Wild Ale (5.5%) Poughkeepsie $10.00/$5.00*

Ciders/ Meads by the Glass and Draft   

Alpenfire Dubinett Single Varietal (6.4%) Port Townsend $9.00 (6oz)

Finnriver Apple Abbey (6.5%) Chimacu$9.00 (12oz)

Sea Cider Bramble Bubbly Blackberry Cider (9.9%) Vancouver $9.00 (6oz)

Sea Cider Prohibition Barrel-aged Cider (12.5%) Vancouver $9.00 (6oz)

Sea Cider Wild English 2011 (7.2%) Saanichton, BC $11.00 (6oz)*

Snowdrift Forefathers Cider (7.5%) Wenatchee$7.00/$6.00

CANS & BOTTLES (all 16oz cans unless noted)

Beachwood Cuvee Wallingford Sour (6.5%) 500ml $

Brewing Projekt Excellent Find Imp. Stout w/nibs/sea salt/hazelnut (10.3%) 12oz           

Brewing Projekt Tough Guy WC IPA (7.93%) 

Busty Lush Tropical Weisse (N/A) 12oz

Engine House #9 Sad Wings BBL Imp. Stout (10%)

Ever Grain Tamga WC IPA (6.5%)

Ex Novo Kill The Sun BBL-aged Imp. Stout w/Gingerbread (11.7%)

Fair Isle Julien Strawberry/Rhubarb Sour 17th Ann. (5.5%) 375ml

Finnriver Black Currant (6.5%) 500ml

Finnriver Chimacum Kriek (6.5%) 500ml

Finnriver Pear Cider (6.5%) 500ml

Hoof Hearted All My Friends are Dead Bbl-aged Imp. Stout (13.5%)

Little Beast Electric Sunshine Strawberry Lemon Sour (4.8%)

Narrows/Brouwer’s Cafe Nuts & Bolts Imperial Stout (11%)

Nightmare Scaphism Imperial Stout (17%)

Nightmare Windlass of Erasmus Berry Gose (6.5%)

Old Stove BA Imperial Hell Hawk Stout (12%) 22oz btl

Otherlands Goodly Beasts Julebier (8.6%) 500ml

Reuben’s Brews/Hair of the Dog Barleywine (11.75%) 16oz can

Stiegl Grapefruit Radler (2.5%)              

Stoneface Imaginary Cartwheel IPA (7.4%)           

Stoup Peaches & Tease Peach & Hibiscus Sour (4.5%) 4-pack To-Go

Three Magnets Self Care WC IPA (N/A)

Von Ebert/Bottleworks Living on Borrowed Time (5.6%) 500ml                                           


Freehand Pinot Gris 2020 (WA) $9

Los Vascos Chardonnay 2019 (CH) $8

Los Vascos Sauvignon Blanc 2021 (CH)$8


City Limits Pink Street (WA) $9


Foris Pinot Noir 2019 (OR) $10

Kestrel Syrah 2016 (WA) $9

Photobomb Cabernet Sauvignon (WA) $9