Big Wood Lives On!!! Please enjoy the remains of our Barrel-Aged beer festival!
All Pours are 4oz or 8oz unless otherwise noted:

AleSmith Bourbon Bbl-Aged Vietnamese Speedway Stout ’16 (12%) $8.00(4oz)*

Aslan Peach Dojo Oak-Aged Saison w/ Peaches (7%) Bellingham $8.00/$4.00*

Best of Hands State of Non-Return Oak-Aged Saison (6.5%) Seattle $8.00/$4.00*

Big Time Bourbon Bbl-Aged Breakfast Cereal Killer ’19 Stout (8.5%) $6.00/$3.00*

Block 15 Turbulent Consequence Peche ’14 Sour Ale w/ Peaches (6.9%) $10.00/$5.00*

Boneyard Bourbon Bbl-Aged Suge Knite ’19 Imp Stout (13%) Bend $10.00/$5.00*

Boon Schaarbeekse Oude Kriek ‘18(6.5%) Lembeek $6.00(4oz)*

Epic Brewing Big Bad Baptist #73 ’16 BA Imp Stout w/ Coffee (12.7%) $10.00/$5.00*

Ex Novo Protect Ya Nect’ ’18 BA Sour w/ Peaches & Nectarines (6.5%) $6.00/$3.00*

Finnriver Sour Plum Cyser ‘16 (7%) Chimacum $8.00/$4.00*

Fort George Clatsop Mule Bbl-Aged Strong Ale w/ Lime & Ginger (13.3%) $10.00/$5.00*

Fremont Rusty Nail ’18 Bbl-Aged Imp Stout w/ Licorice & Cinnamon(14.5%) $6.00(4oz)*

Garden Path/Thiriez Buffalo x 11 Bbl-Aged Bière De Garde Blend(7.4%) $8.00/$4.00*

Georgetown Tombourbon Bourbon Bbl-Aged Brown Ale (9.1%) Seattle $6.00/$3.00*

Great Divide Barrel-Aged Yeti ’19 Bourbon Bbl-Aged Imp Stout (12.5%) $10.00/$5.00*

Het Nest Aquavit BA Dead Man’s Hand Imp Stout (10%) Oud-Turnhout $6.00(4oz)*

Hill Farmstead Arthur Foudre-Aged Farmstead Ale (6%) $8.00/$4.00*

HofTen Dormaal Kriek (6.5%) Tildonk $10.00/$5.00*

Holy Mountain Bbl-Aged Bonne Nuit ’17 Belgian Holiday Ale (9.99%) $8.00/$4.00*

Little Beast Rhūs Jūs’19 Sour w/ Sumac, Elderflower & Elderberries (6.56%) $6.00(4oz)*

Logsdon Eagle Kriek Bbl-Aged Sour Blend w/ Cherries (7%) Washougal $8.00/$4.00*

Lost Abbey Red Poppy ’19 Oak-Aged Flanders Red Ale (6.5%) San Marcos $10.00/$5.00*

Matchless Pinot Punch Down Pinot Grape & Foudre Aged Sour Blend (13%) $8.00/$4.00*

New Belgium Southern Vine Foeder-Aged Golden Sour w/ Grapes (8.4%) $10.00/$5.00*

North Fork Electric Strawberryland ’19 Bbl-Aged Sour (6.9%) Deming $10.00/$5.00*

Oakshire Hellshire IX ’19 Bourbon Bbl-Aged Imp Stout (13%) Eugene $7.00(4oz)*

pFriem Brouwer’s 14th Anniversary BA Lambic-Style w/ Huckleberries(7.1%)$6.00(4oz)*

Propolis Keir ’19 Port Bbl-Aged Brett Saison w/ Black Currants (6.5%) $10.00/$5.00*

Rare Barrel Across the Sea Bbl-Aged Golden Sour w/ Coriander & Salt (6%) $8.00/$4.00

Ruse Love & Lore Pinot Bbl-Aged Golden Sour w/ Cherries (6%) $10.00/$5.00*

Single Hill Johnson Cherry Wine BA Belgian Golden w/ Cherries (8.4%) $6.00/$3.00*

Skookum BA Asesinato de Cuervos ’19 Stout w/ Chilis, Vanilla (10.2%) $10.00/$5.00*

Standard The Big Sleep Bourbon Bbl-Aged Imp Stout (11.5%) Seattle $6.00/$3.00*

Stoup Raspy Angel Bourbon Bbl-Aged Imperial Stout (11%) Seattle $10.00/$5.00*

Structures Vintage Isolation Pinot Noir Bbl-Aged Saison (7.4%) B’ham $10.00/$5.00*

Upright Vintage Ives Blend ’19 Lambic-Style Ale (6.2%) Portland $6.00/$3.00*

Urban Family Tessellate:1 Wine BA Golden Sour w/Blue & Blackberry(6.5%)$10.00/$5.00*

Varietal The Philosophy of Time Travel Whiskey Bbl-Aged Imp Stout (13.2%) $8.00/$4.00*


Brabandere Bavik Wittekerke WILD Wit (5%) Harelbeke-Bavikhove $7.00(12oz)


Andechs Weissbier Hell (5.5%) Andechs $8.00/$6.50

Veltins Pilsner (4.8%) Meschede-Grevenstein $7.00/$5.50


Hale’s Ghost Bear White Stout Nitro (6.3%) Seattle $7.00/$6.00*

Fremont Darkstar Oatmeal Stout Nitro (8%) Seattle $7.00/$6.00*

Matchless Hop Shindig Winter IPA (7.5%) Tumwater $8.00/$7.00

Reuben’s Brews Triumvirate IPA Our House IPA (6%) Seattle $6.00/$5.00


pFriem Belgian Strong Dark (10.5%) Hood River $6.00(12oz)

Wayfinder Hell Lager (4.9%) Portland $8.00/$7.00


Firestone Walker DBA Amber Ale (5%) Paso Robles $6.00/$5.00

High Water Campfire Stout Nitro (6.5%) San Leandro $8.00/$7.00*

North Carolina

Burial Celebrations of Evil Foudre-Aged Dopplebock (7.3%) Asheville $8.00(12oz)*

Burial For Now We Are Laid to Rest Bbl-Aged Cuvee (12.5%) $10.00/$5.00*

Burial Griddle Espresso Stout Imp Stout w/ Coffee (10%) Asheville $10.00/$5.00*

Burial Spiral Keller Pils (5.3%) Asheville $8.00/$7.00*

Burial The Extinction of Useless Light Rum BA Sour Quad (12%) $10.00/$5.00*

Burial This Earthen Helix of Death DIPA (8.5%) Asheville $10.00(12oz)*

Burial When You Lay in Your Grave DIPA w/ Lactose (8.5%) Asheville

Ciders/ Meads on Draft

Snowdrift Forefathers Cider (7.5%) Wenatchee $7.00/$6.00

Ciders/ Meads by the Glass

Alpenfire Glow Rose Cider (6oz) $9.00

Alpenfire Kingston Black Cider (6oz) $9.00

Sea Cider Ruby Rose Cider (6oz) $9.00

Sea Cider Prohibition Rum Barrel-Aged Cider (6oz) $9.00

Sea Cider Wassail Spiced Cider (6oz) $9.00

Ciders by the Bottle

Alpenfire Glow Rose Cider (750ml) $40.00

Alpenfire Kingston Black Cider (750ml) $29.00

Aspall Perronelle’s Blush Suffolk Cider (330ml) $7.00

Aspall Dry (330ml) $7.00

Finnriver Black Currant Cider (500ml) $16.00

Finnriver Chimicum Kriek (500ml) $23.00

Finnriver Habañero Cider (500ml) $16.00

Finnriver Pear Cider (500ml) $16.00

Finnriver Plum Cyser (500ml) $23.00

Incline Cranberry Cider (12oz) $5.00

La Chouette Rose Demi-Sec (330ml) $10.00

Portland Peach Berry Cider (12oz) $5.00

Sea Cider Prohibition Rum Barrel-Aged Cider (750ml) $32.00

Sea Cider Ruby Rose Cider (750ml) $32.00

Sea Cider Wassail Spiced Cider (750ml) $32.00

Tieton Bourbon Peach Bbl-Aged Peach Cider (12oz) $5.00

Wandering Aengus Bloom Semi-Sweet (12oz) $7.00