Updated 12/12/17




Welcome to Big Wood our annual celebration of all beers that have spent time in or on wood. All Pours are 4oz or 8oz unless otherwise noted:

Alesong Cherry Parliament Pinot Noir Bbl-Aged Wild Red Ale (7.4%) $10.00/$5.00*

Alvinne/ Naparbier Gentleman Sour Oak-Aged Oud Bruin (11.5%) $7.00(4oz)*

Anderson Valley Grand Cru Port Bbl-Aged Sour Blend (9%) Boonville $8.00/$4.00*

Bear Republic Old Baba Yaga Cognac Bbl-Aged RIS (13%) Healdsburg $10.00/$5.00*

Belching Beaver Smoldering Pirate Bbl-Aged Sour w/ Tropical Fruit (6.5%) $6.00(4oz)*

B.F.M. Abbaye De Saint Bon Chien (11%) Saignelégier $8.00(4oz)*

Birrificio Del Ducato/Drie Fonteinen Beersel Mattina (6.2%) $7.00(4oz)*

Black Raven La Mort Rouge Wine Bbl-Aged Strong Dark ‘15 (9.3%) $6.00/$3.00*

Boundary Bay Bretta Whiskey Fever ’16 (9%) Bellingham $8.00/$4.00*

Breakside Cultivating Mass Bbl-Aged Baltic Porter (10.5%) Portland $8.00/$4.00*

Cascade Cranberry Sour ’15 (6.4%) Portland $7.00(4oz)*

Crux Fermentation Project Tough Love Bbl-Aged Imp Stout ’16 (11.5%) $8.00/$4.00*

DCB Plausibility Whiskey Bbl-Aged Sour Porter (6.3%) Seattle $8.00/$4.00*

De Garde/ Jackie O’s With Friends Like These Oak-Aged Wild Ale(6.4%) $6.00/$3.00*

De Proef Préaris Grand Cru Maker’s Mark Bbl-Aged Quad ’15 (10%) $8.00(4oz)*

Ecliptic Falling Asteroid Whiskey Bbl-Aged Imp. Porter w/ Cocoa (12%) $8.00/$4.00*

Elliot Bay Ambrosia Kriek w/ Raspberries & Cherries (5.3%) Seattle $10.00/$5.00*

Engine House #9 The Duel Raspberry & Cherry Sour Ale(5.9%) Tacoma $8.00/ $4.00*

Epic Brewing Big Bad Baptist #53 Bbl-Aged Imp Stout w/Coffee (12.5%) $10.00/$5.00*

Finnriver Bollywood Disco Peach Cider (6.5%) Chimacum $8.00/$4.00*

Firestone Walker XVIII Anniversary Ale (13%) Paso Robles $10.00/$5.00*

Fort George/Finnriver Shady Grove Sour Cider & Saison Blend (6.5%) $10.00/$5.00*

Founders Brewing CBS Maple Syrup-Bourbon Bbl-Aged Stout’17(11.7%) $10.00/$5.00*

Fremont Coffee Cinnamon B-Bomb Bbl-Aged Winter Ale ’16 (14%) $6.00(4oz)*

Goose Island Foudre Project Bbl-Aged Flanders Red Ale (6.7%) $8.00/$4.00*

Hair of the Dog Jim ’17 BBl-Aged American Strong Ale Blend (11%) $10.00/$5.00

Hanssens Oude Lambic (6%) Dworp $9.00(4oz)*

High Water West Meets East Bbl-Aged Golden w/ Kiwi & Kumquat (6%) $6.00(4oz)*

Holy Mountain Bourb Bbl-Aged King’s Head Double Brown ‘16 (9.2%) $8.00/$4.00*

Holy Mountain Volume 12 Golden Sour w/ Black Raspberries (5.5%) $6.00(4oz)*

Lagunitas Willet Whiskey Bbl-Aged Imperial Stout ’16 (11.7%) Petaluma $6.00/ $3.00*

Little Beast Dream State Foeder-Aged Ale w/ Strawberries (7%)Portland $10.00/$5.00*

Logsdon Kriek Vier Bbl-Aged Sour Quad w/ Cherries (9.2%) Hood River $10.00/$5.00*

Lost Abbey Framboise de Amorosa Wine Bbl-Aged Raspberry Sour (7%) $10.00/$5.00*

Matchless Cherry Sour Brown (6.2%) Tumwater $8.00/$4.00*

Mazama Barrel-Aged Sour Sunset (8%) Corvallis $8.00/$4.00*

Millstone Ciderberry Cider w/ Raspberries & Cranberries (8%) Monkton $10.00/$5.00*

Mission Trail Fairyland Port Bbl-Aged Pluot Cider (14.8%) Bradley $10.00/$5.00*

New Belgium Decennium Dark Sour Ale ‘15 (7.6%) Fort Collins $8.00/$4.00*

North Fork Electric Cherryland Bbl-Aged Sour ’17 (7%) Deming $10.00/$5.00*

Oud Beersel Bersalis Sourblend Sour Blonde Ale (6%) Beersel $10.00/$5.00*

pFriem Flanders Red Sour Ale ’15 (7%) Hood River $10.00/$5.00*

Propolis Pi Strawberry Rhubarb Bbl-Aged Golden w/ Brett (7.5%) $10.00/$5.00*

Reuben’s Brews Stone the Crows Bbl-Aged Strong Ale (10.5%) $8.00/$4.00*

Rodenbach Alexander Foederbier w/ Sour Cherries (5.6%) Roselare $10.00/$5.00*

Schneider Aventinus Cuvée Barrique Wine Bbl-Aged Doppelbock (9.5%) $7.00(4oz)*

Skookum Barrel-Aged Breakfast Stout w/ Maple Syrup & Coffee (11%) $8.00/$4.00*

Standard Death Knell Bourbon Bbl-Aged Imperial Stout (9.5%) Seattle $6.00/$3.00*

Stoup Rum Barrel-Aged Dark Strong Ale (9.4%) Seattle $10.00/$5.00*

Structures Carcosa Wine Bbl-Aged Raspberry Sour (7.1%) Bellingham $8.00/$4.00*

Telegraph Obscura Fortis ’14 Bbl-Aged Sour Belgian Strong Ale (9%) $8.00/$4.00*

The Ale Apothecary JW Lees Bbl-Aged Loganberry La Tache Cask (7.88%) $10.00(4oz)*

The Commons Anderlecht Mixed Culture Wood-Aged Ale (6.5%) $6.00/$3.00*

Three Magnets B.i.L. Barleywine Aged on Whiskey-Soaked Oak Chips(11.9%)$6.00/$3.00*

Trinity Damn, It Feels Good to be a Gangsta’ Dark Sour Ale (8.1%) $10.00/$5.00*

Urban Family Again & Again Oak-Fermented Saison w/ Grapes (6.9%) $6.00/$3.00*

Wander Foeder Phor Oak-Fermented Strong Dark w/ Cherries (10.8%) $8.00/$4.00*

Not in the mood for a Wood-Aged Beer? Try one of these draft options:

Epic Brewing Hopulent IPA Nitro (8.6%) Salt Lake City $7.00/$6.00*

Firestone Walker DBA Amber Ale (5%) Paso Robles $6.00/$5.00

Firestone Walker Easy Jack Session IPA (4.5%) Paso Robles $6.00/$5.00

Hale’s Supergoose IPA Cask (7.5%) Seattle $7.00/$6.00*

High Water Campfire Stout Nitro (6.5%) San Leandro $6.00(12oz)*

Locust Original Dry Cider (6%) Woodinville $6.00/$5.00

Machine House IPA Cask (6.5%) Seattle $7.00/$6.00*

Mission Trail Plum Jerkum Plum Cider (6.5%) Bradley $10.00 (12oz)

pFriem Belgian Strong Dark (10.5%) Hood River $6.00(12oz)

Reuben’s Brews Triumvirate IPA Our House IPA (6%) Seattle $6.00/$5.00

Rooftop Up on the Rooftop Holiday Ale Nitro (6.3%) Seattle $7.00/$6.00*

Skookum Got That? IPA (6.4%) Arlington $7.00/$6.00

Veltins Pilsner (4.8%) Meschede-Grevenstein $7.00/$5.50

Need a break from Wood-Aged Beer? Try one of these options in the bottle or can:

Ayinger Bräu-Weisse (5.5%) 11.2oz $5.50

Evil Twin Molotov Lite IPA (9.5%) 16.9oz can $5.00

Firestone Walker Pivo Hoppy Pilsner (5.3%) 12oz $4.00

Fremont Lush IPA (7%) 12oz can $4.00

Ghostfish Kick Step Gluten-Free IPA (5.5%) 12oz can $5.00

Melvin Hubert Pale Ale (6%) 12oz can $4.00

Okocim O.K. Beer (5.6%) 500ml $4.00

Omnipollo Shploing! Mango S’mores IPA w/ Lactose (7%) 12oz can $8.00

Stiegl Grapefruit or Zitrone Lemon Radler (2.5%) 500ml $6.00

Stillwater Gnam Gnam IIPA w/ Mango, Lemongrass & Chili (8%) 12 oz $6.00

Żywiec Polish Lager (5.6%) 16.9oz $4.50


Ciders/ Meads by the Glass

Alpenfire Pirates Plank Bone Dry Scrumpy Cider (6oz) $9.00

Moonlight Meadery Fling Strawberry Rhubarb Mead (14%) (4oz) $9.00

Sea Cider Bramble Bubbly Cider (6oz) $9.00

Sea Cider Prohibition Rum Bbl-Aged Cider (6oz) $9.00

Sea Cider Wassail Spiced Cider (6oz) $9.00

Sea Cider Wild English Brett-Aged Dry Cider (6oz) $9.00

Ciders by the Bottle

Alpenfire Pirates Plank Bone Dry Scrumpy (500ml) $22.00

Aspall Dry or Grand Cru (500ml) $12.00

Finnriver Black Currant Cider (500ml) $16.00

Finnriver Cranberry Rosehip Cider (500ml) $17.00

Finnriver Habañero Cider (500ml) $16.00

Finnriver Pear Cider (500ml) $16.00

Finnriver Plum Cyser Sour Plum Cider w/ Honey (375ml) $23.00

LeFevre Cidre Brut (330ml) $9.00

Moonlight Meadery Fling Strawberry Rhubarb Mead (375ml) $27.00

Sea Cider Bramble Bubbly Blackberry Cider (750ml) $32.00

Sea Cider Prohibition Rum Bbl-Aged Cider (750ml) $32.00

Sea Cider Wassail Spiced Cider (750ml) $32.00

Sea Cider Wild English Brett-Aged Dry Cider (750ml) $32.00

Wandering Aengus Bloom Cider (12oz) $6.00