Brouwer’s Imagination Series #2 released!

This Friday, January 22nd, the second edition of the Brouwer’s Imagination Series brewed by Lost Abbey, will finally be released. Yes this is the 2009 edition. There were a few hang ups with posting and label approval, but alas it has arrived. We will be selling bottles at both Brouwer’s Cafe and Bottleworks. Bottles will be $19.99 at Bottleworks with a 3 bottle limit and $24.00 at Brouwer’s Cafe (bottles of course must be enjoyed on premise).
The beer was blended last year after Bonney, Nat, and I went down to Stones sour beer fest. With afternoon packed with Sour Beers I can’t say that all three of us were in prime blending mode but the job got done. Tomme opened up the barrel room to us and we tried everything we could finally blending up a nice strong dark sour. Get some this Friday, bottle only at first, but we’ll be tapping some kegs soon enough.

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