2010 World Cup at Brouwer’s

There are plenty of bars around town that are going crazy for the world cup and opening their doors as early as 4am to show every match possible. We are not one of those bars. However there are a number of games that do fall within our operating hours. We will be showing the following list of games with the sound on through our massive stereo system. We’re even researching extra screens for the games.

2010 World Cup Soccer at Brouwer’s Cafe

Friday 7/02 11:30 Uraguay v Ghana
Saturday 7/03 11:30 Paraguay v Spain
Tuesday 7/06 11:30 W58 – W57
Wednesday 7/07 11:30 W59 – W60
Saturday 7/10 11:30 L61 – L62
Sunday 7/11 11:30 W61 – W62

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