Blind Lion Tickets Now Availabe

I am now assembling the list for our Blind Lion event on November 13th. There are only a limited number of tickets being sold for this private closed door event.
Admission includes a 3 hour open Scotch tasting, dinner buffet, and a cigar provided by JnJ Cigars.


A Portion of the Proceeds will be going to the Seattle Police Foundation

Please contact for reservations

2 thoughts on “Blind Lion Tickets Now Availabe”

  1. Is the tasting three hours or only two? The link says tasting 7-9p. I would like to see the scotch list. The SMWSA event is the same weekend and it would be helpful to aid in picking between the two.

  2. It says 7-9, but in reality it starts before that, and goes later as well. We didn't cut it off until 10 last time.

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