Don Remembered, By Tom Dalldorf of Celebrator Magazine

Here is an excerpt of a great ode to the late Don Younger, written by Tom Daldorf of the Celebrator Beer News. Don was a great publican and will be missed by all of us here at Brouwer’s Cafe.

Don Younger, famed publican extraordinaire and legendary beer evangelist, died early Monday morning, January 31, 2011 of complications from a fall a few days earlier. He was 69 years old.

Don was a “larger than life” character with an enormous passion for beer, brewing and beer culture. He loved meeting new people and spreading the word of good beer but eschewed “phonies” and poseurs. He also eschewed people who would say “eschewed.” He was not a model for the healthy lifestyle preferring beer, whisky (make it MCCALLAN 12 please, 18 if ya got it) and cigarettes (Sprits will do) to more conventional comestibles. It is suggested that both he and Patsy from the BBC’s Absolutely Fabulous had not had solid food since 1977. That is not true, of course, but close.

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