Today we remember….

Today we remember a great friend and co-worker, Cavy, who lost a battle with cancer a year ago. I am sure we all have our favorite Cavy story. He is missed. He was certainly one of the funniest people we have had the joy of knowing and working with. We will be pouring Elysian Raconteur in his honor. We could go on and on about Chris and just spent the better part of the morning reminiscing and telling stories, we suggest you do the same.

Psst! Hey Bro, it’s 4/20. Those fun folks down at Lagunitas brewed a beer to honor this day called Waldo’s Special. They are claiming its the dankest and hoppiest beer they have ever brewed. That’s saying something cause everything they make is hoppy. Today we will be tapping it at 4:20 and there will be some treats here from the brewery. Come on in and get some!