Summer is here!

Or at least what we call summer in the Northwest!  Our patio is open everyday, come on down and enjoy it with us.

In other news, Hopfest, our celebration of all things hoppy, starts Thursday, September 27th at 11am and runs through the weekend.  We moved the date back a bit in hopes that we could get a few more fresh hop beers in the rotation.  We hope that you are planning ahead, we will attempt to have at least a partial draftlist up earlier than we have for other events, we understand that this helps people plan ahead.  We also feel that part of the fun is showing up and seeing what we have been able to procure for you.  We feel that giving away the whole list takes away from the fun of the event or events. In the past this has lead us to not putting out the draftlist till the day of.  We will make a conscious effort to get at least half the list out this time a week or so in advance.  Thank you for your cooperation.

We like bicycles, that is why for the past 2 seasons, and now a third season, we have supported MFG Cyclocross by having a season Kick Off  party and an after Woodland Park party.  It feels so early to be doing this, as summer feels like it has just arrived, The season Kick Off party will be held Tuesday, September 4th from 6 pm- 11.  We will provide a complimentary limited buffet,  at 6:30 with enough food for 60 or so people.  No need to RSVP, just show up head upstairs, we will have beer specials for you as well.  We really can’t believe that it is already the time of year that we start thinking about cross, but here we are already talking about it.  We hope you join us for this fun event.