Happy Hour with New Belguim’s Eric Salazar.

We invite you to join us on Wednesday, August 22nd from 3-6pm for a Happy Hour with Eric Salazar form New Belgium.  We will be pouring New Belgium’s Super Ipa ( a collabeeration with Alpine Brewing in San Diego) and Tart Lychee as well as a few other New Belgium Beers.   We hope you take the time to come in and join us.

Next, Thursday, August 23rd starting @ 6pm we will be pouring the perfect crime American-Style Blond side by side with the perfect crime European-Style Blond.  perfect crime is a collaboration between Stillwater brewing and Evil Twin brewing.  They are pretty elusive with the details of the whole project, and we are very excited to have these rare beers side by side on draft together.  We hope that you choose to join us.  Perfect beers for a hot summer day.

We think that beer and bikes go hand in hand, and really what’s more Belgian than Cyclocross,  that’s why we have been a proud supporter of MFG Cyclocross for the past 3 years.  We always host an opening series party (which will be Tuesday, September 4th this year) and a party after the Woodland Park race in November.  Those of you that plan to race over the next season should join us on September 4th @6pm to tell stories, heckle one another, enjoy each others company.  It all starts at 6pm and food will be served at 6:45 pm.  We hope you join us.