Coffee Beer Fest at Burgundian.

We will be closed tomorrow, Saturday October 6th, for a Private party.  Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause you.  However,  Burgundian located at 2253 N 56th St (in Tangletown) is having a very Seattle centric festival, Coffee Beer Fest.  22 coffee beers, 5 coffee craft cocktails, and a coffee infused menu, all the fun starts at 10am when the doors open.

Here’s a few of the beers that we will be pouring: 

Big Time Marzen Oktoberfest W/ Ethipia Mordecofe (5.8%)
Fremont Dark Star Imperial Oatmeal Stout W/ Ganesha Tony’s Coffee (8%)
       (We included our Ganesha Espresso Blend in the Dark Star Imperial Stout.  This blend is comprised of three of our highest quality coffees; the base component (80%) is grown by the Pacas family on Finca San Joaquin in El Salvador, the fruitiness comes from the (10%) Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Konga Natural (see above), and the complex spice & acidity comes from (10%) Kenya Kiamwangi AA.  This blend rotates throughout the year, depending on which coffees are in season, but we always roast it to a medium level, which brings out a lot of sweetness, without masking the individual character of each coffee.)
Fort George Thundermuck Stout W/Thundermuck Indonesian Beans (9%)
 HUB Brouwer’s 6thAnniversary Stumptown & Mexican Chocolate (9.5%)
       (Originally, made for Brouwer’s, we took base Brouwer’s Imprerial Stout blended it with Barrel aged Brouwer’s Imperial   Stout aka “Army of Darkness” and aged it on 2lbs of Stumptown coffee and 2 lbs of Mexican Chocolate.)
Gigantic The City Hasn’t Slept for Days Imperial Black Saison W/Cold Pressed House Blend from Portland Roasting(7.2%)

Naked City Sudden Impact Coffee IPA W/Dillanos Coffee (6%)  
Great Divide Oaked Aged Espresso Yeti W/Pablo’s Espresso (9.5%)

Midnight Express: Hot coffee, Walnut infused Cognac, Simple Syrup topped with Fresh Whip Cream.
Coffee Cocktail: Port Wine, Cognac, One whole egg and simple syrup.
Brewers Breakfast: Sake, 100% Corn Whiskey, Galliano, and garnished with 8 Honey Nut Cherrios.

We look forward to seeing you at Burgundian.