Bigwood is just around the corner….

We have posted an up to date draftlist on the side bar.  We open tomorrow at 11am and hope you have made plans to join us.  We are pretty excited about this years list.  Note, a couple of weeks ago we posted a tentative list that had some beers that are not currently on the list.  There is always hesitation in posting a list early,  as game time decisions get made and beers we choose to tap change, or we decide to hold on to beers originally slated to be tapped  for other reasons.  We posted a list earlier than ever this year because the biggest complaint we have heard is that we held out on posting the list.   We hope that you  understand that we weren’t attempting to be misleading, we listened to your wishes and published a list with the warning that not all of these might make the festival list.  Thank you for your understanding, and if you got your heart set on a beer that is no longer on the list we hope you realize that there are other delicious offerings there for you.  We look forward to serving you tomorrow and through the weekend.

 Don’t forget that on Saturday we are hosting a Shmaltz Brewing Sweet 16 party with at least 8 barrel aged options from them.  It all kicks off at 2pm so come before or after you attend the Winter Beer Fest at Hales.