Brouwer’s 7th Anniversary Release Party at Bottleworks, Tuesday, April 30th!

A few things are happening.  Right now we wish we were in Olympia protesting the proposed beer tax. 

We are finally releasing our 7th Anniversary Barleywine!  On Tuesday, April 30th at Bottleworks.  ( located at 1710 N. 45th st #3)  We’ve got a little story to tell, it goes a little something like this.  We brewed this beer going on 16 months ago, thinking that we could bottle and release it quickly.  Then we tasted it, aged some of it in Bourbon Barrels and waited, and waited.  We blended it, bottled it and waited again.  We decided that it is now ready to be released, after our 8th anniversary but before our 9th Anniversary.  Bottleworks will be hosting the release party on Tuesday, April 30th.  The bottles are wax dipped and we feel will age well for a long time, or taste great right now. 

We have a few upcoming events we would like to share with you:

Every Tuesday in April we are tapping beers from the Cellar.  We announce these beers the day of and they are on draft at 5pm.

Thursday, April 25th @6pm we are hosting the release party for a new Washington Cidery, Schilling Cider.

Our Story
In 1881, my great great-grandfather, August, founded the Schilling Spice Company in San Francisco. His goal was to bring pure, natural spices to everyone in the west. Over one hundred thirty years later, Schilling Cider carries on this tradition of accessible, premium quality. We believe in making fantastic cider and sharing it with the world!
Our Values
We believe in using local ingredients and taking steps to minimize our impact on the environment. All of our apples come from Washington State and we are offering our cider in aluminum cans and kegs. Using cans instead of glass bottles helps protect our product from light.  In addition, cans have the highest recycling rate and the same aluminum is often back on the shelf as a new can within 60 days.
When it comes to making ciders, we strive to be truly innovative. We believe yeast selection and process play a major role in the characteristics of the final cider, so we carefully select our yeast strains after extensive trial and tasting. We also always choose whole ingredients, such as whole leaf hops, raw ginger puree, and whole clove and cinnamon sticks, for our specialty ciders.
Our Launch Party Ciders
Flagship – Our standard cider is a semi-dry cider with deep complexity. Tasting notes include grapefruit, apple, and oak with a very smooth finish.
Oak Aged Cider – Our barrel aged cider is fermented on French oak and aged on American oak. This cider has notes of oak but is not overpowering. It is very smooth and is ideally served above 40 (F) degrees to release its full flavor profile.
Ginger Cider– Our ginger cider is semi sweet with a strong ginger bite. The large ginger profile is complemented with a sweet caramel finish.  This cider serves well over ice for those who wish for an extra refreshing beverage.
Dry Hopped Cider – Our hopped cider uses a number of northwest hops to achieve a floral aroma, citrus flavor, and slightly bitter finish. A nice choice for any ‘hop head.’
Black Caramel Nitro – This high-gravity cider is a one-of-a-kind combination of hand-caramelized brown sugar, dark oak, a rich apple flavor, and a touch of bittering hops. Served on nitro, this complex cider takes on a creamy mouth feel to further enhance its bold character.
After that we all take a deep breath and get ready for Seattle Beer Week, May 9-19th.