We think that you might want to save these dates.

We are planning some events in the near future which we are putting the final details on, we are working on an event with Finn River Cidery (Early July) and Ballast Point (probably sometime mid to late next week) is coming to the market soon as well.  We will keep you apprised of all the details as we finalize them.  In lieu of that we will take this time to tell you about our next large events.

Hopfest will start on Thursday, October 3rd and run through the weekend.  We are hoping to have a few more fresh hop beers this year, than in past years, that hop harvest is a tricky beast to time right.  As we get closer to the event we will keep you posted with all the details.

Big Wood will start on Thursday, December 5th and run through the weekend.  We know its a long way off, but these things take time to put together and we know you all appreciate a heads up. 

We suggest you mark your calenders, talk to your bosses and let them know that you will be taking a little me time on those days.