Hop Mob Triple Ipa event at Brouwer’s Monday, February 17th

Adam from Reuben’s brews sent us an email, asking us if we would be interested in hosting this  event. 12 local breweries are coming together to celebrate Triple Ipa’s.  We quickly responded with a resounding, yes!
 We think it all started with the Russian River Pliny the Younger craze, a few years back.  Drew from Big Time and Don from Naked City wanted to have a little fun so,  Whiny the Complainer and Cry Me a River were born, and for the first year poured along side Younger.  I actually think that Whiny the Complainer started with Bill Jenkins the former Head Brewer at Big Time.  Details, Details.  Drew has been brewing the beer for the last 3 years.  This event has obviously blossumed,  more and more folks experimenting with higher and higher gravity hoppy beers.  A few more emails were sent back and forth and we agreed upon a date.  That date is Monday, February 17th at 6pm.  Kendall, of the Washington Beer Blog,  did a write up on the whole event.  Here are the breweries that you can expect to see pouring at our event:
– Airways
– Bainbridge
– Black Raven
– Elysian
– Georgetown
– Naked City
– Pike
– Populuxe
– Reuben’s
– Stoup
– Spinaker Bay
– Strong Arm
We will also be pouring Whiny the Complainer from the Big Time.  We hope that you mark your calenders for this great Washington Beer Event.