We survived Seattle Beer Week….and have planned a Brewery Launch

Thanks to all of you for your support in making this Seattle Beer Week a roaring success.  Thank you for making Back in Black Stout Fest, Beer and Burger Battle and Sour Fest awesome this year.  How nice was it to be drinking sour beer in the sun on Thursday, May 15th? Lets do it again next year.   Here’s to more great events!

That said we have a new brewery from Vancouver, WA that is coming to the Seattle market and we are pleased to be hosting the launch of Heathen Brewing on Thursday, June 12th @6pm. Here is there story:

Heathen Brewing is a small craft brewery that was created from the soul of home brewing. The realization that we as a people want to break the corporate strong hold on the beer industry and get back to using local ingredients in small craft batch brewing has demanded the formation of Heathen Brewing. At Heathen Brewing we make small batches of “Progressive Ales for the Promiscuous Palate”. It all begins with fresh, high quality ingredients and that means sourcing those ingredients from those in our community. The freedom to create seasonal and experimental beer will allow Heathen Brewing to truly test the palate of our community. The Heathen way will move quickly towards the new hops and malts that are being introduced as science, technology and the American spirit create new versions of classic recipes. This forward thinking will create new and unique recipes that will tantalize the tongues of the Heathen Faithful. Through the love of travel and the appreciation of different cultures many beer recipes can now be formed or re-born 10 barrels at a time.

We will be offering 4 beers from their portfolio.  We are still finalizing what those offerings will be.