The sun is shining…

It’s the Solstice today, the longest day of the year, and its sunny hope you get outside and enjoy it.
A while back we received some barrel samples from 4 Roses Whiskey. Matt and Matt got together and sampled them all and decided on one. Well a week or so ago we received the bottled version of the barrel they decided on. It comes in at 61.2 percent alcohol and spent 8year and 8 months in the barrel, we have all decided that it is best with a few cubes added to bring out the floral notes. We are also in the planning stages of a 4 Roses event that is tenatively scheduled for Thursday, June 7th. More details to come. We also have plans for the barrel itself….look for something special down the road, possibly Big Wood.

We will be closed on the 4th of July, hope you enjoy the fireworks.

On July 5th we will be open for lunch, but closed from 3-6:30 for a private event and then open for regular business after that.