Tuesday, August 22nd @ 6pm, An Evening with Dogfish Head


We welcome you to join us for an evening with Dogfish Head.  We are pulling a few kegs from the cellar, like 2015 Palo Santo, as well as picking up a few new beers, Vanilla World Wide Stout.  It all kicks off at 6pm.  The draftlist will include:

2015 Palo Santo Marron

Oak- Aged Vanilla World Wide Stout

120 Min IPA

Siracusa Nera Stout

and a couple other beers yet to be determined.

We hope you join us for a chance to drink these amazing beers.

Wednesday, August 16th @6pm “The Beer in Front of Me” Live Podcast Taping


The show (sub-titled The Beer In Front Of Me) will include Dave Buhler, Adam Robbings, and Bradley Zimmerman. Click here for the link to the Facebook event.
After opening remarks from the YOOTT staff of knuckleheads (that includes me) we will introduce the panel and at that point Dave, Brad, and Adam will join us on the stage.
The point of this and all YOOTT shows is to have fun. FUN! We will however be tackling some serious, and I dare say ‘political’ issues in our conversation which is a first for YOOTT. I will be soliciting questions from the audience at times. My main goals will be to drink The Beer In Front Of Me and having fun. I cannot imagine failing these goals given the characters and experience that will be together on the dais.

Thursday, August 10th @6pm. An Evening with Matchless.

We are pleased to invite you to an evening with Matchless Brewing from Tumwater.  We are hoping that Pat the Wizard behind Matchless with be here with his partner Grant.

What follows is the draftlist– we might have another ipa it just depends on if it is ready in time.

Keg conditioned Shared Table Saison
Pink Moon – foudre Saison
Hop Nectar Dipa
Mexican Lager

We look forward to seeing you.