Saturday, March 25th, Brouwer’s 12th Anniversary with Holy Mountain and National Orval Day!


Where were you in 2005?  How long have you been coming here?  We are turning 12 this year!  We invite you to come celebrate our 12th anniversary along with National Orval Day.  Orval happens to be one of our favorite Belgian beers.  We couldn’t be more happy.

We brewed a beer with Holy Mountain, the beer that we brewed is a Black Raspberry Sour.  Bottles will be released the morning of the 25th at Bottleworks (1710 N 45th st #3) at 10 am, there will be no draft of the Anniversary on there.  We will open at noon, where draft of our Anniversary beer will be available.  We will also have 8 other Holy Mountain draft beers as well as past anniversary beers and other rare beers from the cellar.  We will also have bottles of Orval for sale.  This will certainly be a day not to miss.  We look forward to celebrating with you.

Thursday, March 2nd @6pm, 10 Barrel Beers With Burnside

March is Women’s History Month. We are hosting a couple of events to highlight some of the women in the beer industry.
Our first event is with Whitney Burnside, the Head Pub Brewer at 10 Barrel’s Portland Brew House.

In 2010, Burnside got her start working as an intern at Laurelwood Brewing Company in Portland, Oregon. From there, Burnside strategically climbed the ropes and worked at some of the Northwst’s best breweries: First at Upright Brewing in Portland, then at Elysian in Seattle, she was the Head Brewer at Pelican in Pacific City, and is now currently killing it as Brewmaster at 10 Barrel Brewing Company in downtown Portland.

Join us and Whitney on Thursday, March 2nd at 6pm when we will showcase 5 of her beers on draft for you to enjoy.

Pearl IPA- Double IPA– The number one best selling beer at the Portland pub and the first beer brewed on the system. Massive piney and tropical fruits come together to create this old school meets new school IPA.

Grapefruit Tartlette Gose– Brewed with toasted coriander, cardamom, vanilla, and honey.

Glen Coco- Coconut Stout– American stout brewed with loads of both toasted and untoasted coconut from Bob’s Red Mill.

A.W.D.- Belgian Dark Strong– Deep, rich flavors of dark fruits and caramel with spicy Ardennes yeast.

XS – Session IPA

Alton Bruin- Belgian Dark Strong aged in Merlot barrels for 1.5 years with Roeselare* and fresh raspberries.

*Roeselare is a brewing yeast that is a mix of lambic cultures, including lactic bacteria. Produces beers with a complex, earthy profile and distinct pie cherry sourness from a brettanomyces culture.

Hardliver Barleywine Festival, Saturday and Sunday, February 25th and 26th

We invite you to join us for one of our much anticipated festivals.  Hardliver Barleywine Festival is a celebration this delicious boozy beer style.  We did away with the judging a couple of years ago, this year we are bringing it back.  It won’t be the same format as in previous years.  We have carefully crafted a list and have some older vintages as well as current year vintages for your palette’s tasting pleasure.

We will post the list soon.

Friday, February 24th, A Night With 2nd Shift Brewing

We are pleased to announce that we will be hosting 2nd Shift Brewing from St. Louis on Friday, February 24th starting at 5pm. We first met 2nd shift while in Alaska attending the Culmination Fest at Anchorage Brewing.  We drank a few beers and ideas were hatched.  They are here to attend the Farmhouse Fest, which happens to be on the same day as our Hardliver Barleywine Fest.  We will be putting 3 beers from them on draft:

Katy Brett Beer

Art of Neurosis IPA

Cat Spit Stout

We look forward to seeing you at the event.