Thursday, December 5th – Sunday, December 8th. 13th Annual Bigwood Festival.

Here at Brouwer’s, we like our festivals. The is so much good in the beer world, that we like to host events that focus on a particular style to give the nice people out there a chance to try how diverse that style can be. Whether Barleywine, Stout, Sour, or IPA is life, we’ll have you covered at some point during the year.

Well, what if you want to try lots of different styles of beer, but are still REALLY into themes? We’ve got you there as well. The first Thursday of December, Big Wood begins anew. It is arguably our favorite festival because we get to showcase all different kinds of beer AND they will all be barrel-aged. As the winter gray settles in, it is the perfect time to hunker down in the beer cave and sip on some extraordinary offerings from your favorite breweries.

On December 5th – 8th, we will once again dive deep into the bowels of the cellar and pull all sorts of vintage goods for your palate from sour to sweet and everything in between. Join us that weekend for 50+ barrel-aged beers, making it one of the biggest festivals of its kind in the city. No tickets necessary, just come on down.

Wednesday, November 27th @ 6pm. Tapping of Firestone Walker Rolling Bones

This year, we lost a very important and special figure in not just our local scene, but the larger one as well. Obviously, we are talking about Matt Bonney,  former Operations Manager here at Brouwer’s, the Burgundian, and Bottleworks and owner of the Toronado Seattle,  and member of the Publican National Committee.  Rightfully so, many brewers have made special beers commemorating his life and legacy. It has been incredible to watch the community come together to to send the Centaur out in style. Years ago, while the PNC was still very active, they all got together to brew a handful of beers. They brewed a stout with Firestone Walker, and it was appropriately named PNC. A sour was brewed by Allagash and was named PNC #2 Broken Elevator.   Wanting to honor these amazing beers, the former members of the PNC descended upon Paso Robles and had a conference at the Walker Farm. Together they crafted two beers that will hopefully be a lasting tribute.

The stout isn’t ready just yet, but soon we’ll have the sour. We’ll be tapping a keg of Rolling Bones American Wild Ale fermented with plums, cherries, black currants, and grapes on Wednesday, November 27th. Bottles will be available for purchase at Bottleworks on that day as well.

We hope you’ll join us that evening.

Here’s more info on the beer itself:

Final beer details: American Wild Ale Fermented with Plums, Blackcurrants, Cherries and Grapes. 7.1% ABV.  Barrel Ratio: 67% French Oak, 22% American Oak, 10% Rum barrel.

 “Kindred brothers from another mother sit down together to blend and stutter. Mindful of much to do about nothing they paint with their palate’s, ideas get them buzzing. For years they held court beguiling like jesters, imbibing and jiving the ether of ancestors. They bring to the table a blend for the ages, the tricks of their trade they weave in like sages. From field to vat to barrel to bottle, bound flavors of feral to be read like a novel. The sounds of the bones that dance on the barrel head, relative memories for spirits not gone dead. Currants and plums and grape skins and cuvee, Liefmans, Agrestic and Flanders are all in play. The game is a foot when the blend strikes a chord, still each in the group asks, “Is it me Lord?”. Found harmony through barrel and in friends past and present, the gift of this blend to bring joy, peace and presence. Santé!”

Friday, November 15th @ 6pm. An Evening with Ruse Brewing.

Nestled in the Southeast corner of Portland lies a little brewery shrouded in mystery. Well, maybe not mystery so much anymore as they’ve now been producing super clean, funky, and flavorful beers for a couple of years now. You may have gotten your first taste of them with this year’s release of 3-Way. Yep, we’re talking about Ruse Brewing.

Ruse has been very active in their local creative community to partner with artists and musicians in creating delicious craft beer to pair with their art. Ruse began in the brewhouse of Culmination while its founder searched for a permanent home and to hone his craft. It took a little time, but finally settled in the southeast with a new home and a new partner. Together, they’ve tried to not let themselves be bound by only producing certain styles, rather dipping their toes into the wide gamut of beer out there.

We are incredibly excited to welcome them up to Seattle and to Brouwer’s. We’ll be hosting the brewery on November 15 at 6 p.m. We’ll be tapping the following beers:

Stages of Sundown Imperial Stout with Coffee and vanilla.
Pinot Barrel-aged sour ale conditioned on cherries.
Dream Language Vienna Style Lager. Collaboration with Our Mutual Friend Brewing.
Collective Questions West coast IPA dry hopped exclusively with Mosaic.
Translator West Coast IPA Dry hopped with Citra and Mosaic
Castle of Goop Hazy DIPA fermented on Peach and Tangerine, Dry hopped with Vic Secret,El Dorado, Motueka and African Queen.  Collaboration with Modern Times.
Sci Fi Silhouette Hazy IPA dry hopped with Citra, Vic Secret and Topaz.

Wednesday, September 25th @6pm. An Evening of Fresh Hops with Breakside Brewing

While we’re changing how we’re doing or hop celebration in October, that doesn’t mean we won’t have any fresh hop nights. Since the harvest came early, so are the beers; and that means, one of our fresh hop focused events is going to happen in September.

Breakside Brewing down in Portland has been one of our good friends for the last several years. After hearing that they were coming out with several fresh hop beers in a short period of time, we thought it might be a great idea to grab them all at once at put them on for a special showcase. After all, they brew some of the best fresh hop beers all season.

On September 25th, we’ll be tapping those five kegs and giving everyone a head-start in their quest to try as many freshies as possible during our favorite season of the year. The list of beers includes:

Fresh Sterling Pilsner
Fresh Simcoe Breakside IPA
Fresh Cascade Wanderlust
Fresh Chinook Thirst Trap
Fresh Mosaic Rough Beast

And as a special treat, we’re going to tap The Mountains of Instead, a barrel-aged Apple Ale that we’ve been holding onto for a special occasion.

Thursday, September 19th @ 6pm Aslan/Masonry/Brouwer’s Fremontii Beer Release

We invite you to join us 09/19 for the release of Fremontii. We will be pouring the draft starting at 6pm. Bottleworks will be selling Bottles of Fremontii @ 11am. This beer will only be available at Brouwer’s, Bottleworks, The Masonry and Aslan. We all thought this would be a great way to welcome Aslan to Fremont. Look out there goes the neighborhood.

Fremontii is the result of an afternoon of barrel tasting and blending with Aslan, Brouwer’s and The Masonry. What we came up with was a blend of 3 barrels. 2/3 of the blend consisted of a rustic bock style beer, which was lagered in clean French oak puncheons throughout the winter of 2017. In the spring of 2018 it was re-barreled into second use bourbon barrels and well conditioned wine casks; we took one of each. The other 1/3 of the blend was a 30 month old cask of mixed culture pale Saison. Its difficult to say what “kind” of beer this is, but what we can say is that has well matured acidity, hints of bourbon, and sweet caramel, with classic brett brux in the background. Bottle conditioned with native yeasts and bacteria for 6 months prior to release. 9% ABV

Sunday, July 21st Delirium Flag Day

Delirium Flag Day

July 21st is one of the most significant days for Belgians. It is the day that Leopold I ascended to the throne and the constitutional monarchy of Belgium was established. Citizens and the Belgian diaspora alike celebrate this momentous day. L’union fait la force.

For us here, it is the start of Belgian Beer Week and we thought it’d be a great idea to celebrate one of the most lauded and decorated Belgian beers around – Huyghe’s Delirium Tremens. The idea then popped up to include its siblings, Nocturnum and Red, since then we can represent the three colors of the Belgian Flag.

On Sunday, July 21st, please help us celebrate Belgian National Day with Huyghe. We’ll be offering flights of the three beers all day and having a “keep the glass” special from 6-8 pm. The pink elephant awaits.

August 14th @ 6pm An Evening with Rare Barrel

In the past, you may have noticed at your small bottle share that someone brought an interesting tart treat from an eponymously named brewery in Northern California. Surely you inquired afterward as to where you could find the brewery’s other beers. Well, until recently, the answer to that was not very many places. Recently, however, the good people at The Rare Barrel were gracious enough to send a shipment of beer of this way and some of your favorite sports probably picked some up.

We ended up picking up a few of their brews and thought about what to do with them. A couple went on during Sour Fest, and they were both terrific and two of the most popular beers at the festival. If you missed out, we have great news for you. On Aug 14th, we’ll be putting on all 4 of the beers we were fortunate enough to get from them for your enjoyment. The tap list will be:

Across the Sea Sour Ale w/ Coriander and Sea Salt

Apropos of Nothing Sour Ale w/Elderberries and Lavender

Pop’t Art Sour Ale w/ Blueberries, Boysenberries, and Cherries

Summer’s Gonna Hurt You Sour Ale w/ Peaches and Nectarines

Wednesday, July 31st @ 6pm An Evening With Skookum Brewing

Have you ever sat outside next to an airport and put down a few cold ones? No? That sounds weird, you say? That’s because you haven’t made it up to Arlington to go see the good people at Skookum, conveniently located adjacent to Arlington Municipal Airport. If you haven’t made the stop, you are definitely missing out, but we might have the next best thing.

On July 31st, we’ll be hosting Hollis and his wares in-house for a night with Skookum. They are one of our favorite Washington breweries and we are excited to be able to pour several of his offerings that evening. Tap list coming soon, both expect both hoppy and rich barley treats from them.

July 21st-28th Revisit the Trappists

In this day and age, every brewery out there is throwing new and exciting beers out to the thirsty public seemingly all the time. It’s the era of FOMO – you can’t afford to be shamed on your semi-anonymous beer logging website for missing out on the Super Hazy Pastry Boi ™ of the week. Oh my god, it was sooooooooooo gooooooood. The horror of it all.

Well, you know what is always there for you? What will never be as fleeting as a 1-4-pack/pp limit of micro-brewery hop juice? That’s right, it’s the Trappists. They are a time-honored tradition of brewing excellence. When was the last time you ordered an Orval – the first commercially available Brett beer in the US; or maybe crack open a cellar-temped bottle of delicious Rochefort 10?

That time could be right now – or very soon. It’s the time of the year when we like to look beyond the hype and revisit beers that are on the top of your favorite brewers’ desert island list. Once again, we’ll be offering 20% all the Trappist beers in our cellar and a certain t-shirt might make a repeat appearance.

Saturday, July 20th @ 2pm Sours & Flowers @ Brouwer’s with New Belgium

Do you like pretty flowers?

Would you smell them in the meadow?

Do you like tasty sours?

Would you drink them on a plateau?

Can you be here at two?

Maybe flowers we’ll hand to you.

Will you join us July 20th?

For sours we’ll have plenty of.

Please join us for a unique event where we’ll be pairing pours of some of New Belgium’s finest sour ales with beautiful flowers from […]. Flowers are available to everyone who partakes (while supplies last).

Friday, June 21st @ 5:30, Fundraiser for Old Dog Haven and the Release of Grey Muzzle IPA with Shadow Hike A Thon

It is that time of the year when a very special Northern Washington couple honors the memory of their late best friend to help raise money for a very noble cause. The Shadow Hike-a-Thon, now in its 9th year has raised over $40,000 for the Old Dog Haven in Oak Harbor and we are happy to partner with them for a second year.

Once again, they are partnering with their (and our!) friends at The North Fork on Mount Baker Highway to brew Gray Muzzle IPA with some proceeds benefiting the Old Dog Haven. This special brew will be available on June 21st after the Tiger Mountain hike here at Brouwer’s, beginning at 5:30 pm. As we did last year, all proceeds will go to the charity. We are happy to be able to help out a wonderful organization with a very noble goal.

From their page: “Old Dog Haven was founded in 2004 to provide safe, loving homes for abandoned senior dogs who have almost zero chance of adoption in a shelter. We do not have a kennel; all our dogs live in homes as members of temporary or permanent (Final Refuge) families. We take dogs 8 years and older from shelters and occasionally from owners in Western Washington. We adopt out dogs that have a reasonable life expectancy; however, more than 90% of our dogs are Final Refuge (permanent foster) or hospice residents – too frail, old or sick for adoption. ODH’s mission is to give these dogs a loving family and good quality of life in their final months, years, weeks or even days. We also assist owners who need to re-home their senior dog and help shelters and other rescues place their seniors.”

For more information about ODH, please visit:

Thursday, July 18 @ 6pm the Release of Vern’s Peach Tea Sour from the North Fork Brewery

Blend of spontaeneous and mix culture blonde ales aged in red wine barrels. Refermented on 2 lbs per gallon of sweet dreams peaches. Racked into fresh American whiskey barrels on black tea leaves and bottles conditioned with brett.

Vern’s Peach Tea

Vern’s familial ties to Belgium are well documented; hell, he even opened a restaurant in tribute to them. Fewer though, know that he has family in the deep-south – Alexandria, Louisiana to be exact. Thus, the time-honored tradition of sitting on a porch and drinking fruited iced tea watching the days pass by is near and dear to his heart. Well, in comes his good neighbor, Eric, who had a great idea for a beer – Peach Tea!

Well gee, what a swell idea. What they’ve done is blend North Fork’s mixed culture blonde ale with some spontaneously fermented brew just for the occasion. It was then refermented on a ton of Sweet Dream Peaches, known around for their size and sweetness, at a rate of two pounds per gallon. It was then racked into fresh whiskey barrels on black tea leaves. After sauntering along, it was finally ready and then put into bottles with brett to recondition. Now, it’s ready for you to enjoy in your best rocking chair on a warm day.

Thursday, July 11th @ 6pm Matchless Brewing You’ve Got Ale IPA Draft Release.

You’ve Got Ale!

An absolute defining sense of self. Local. Hoppy. Hazy. IPA.

That’s what we are offering you. We’ve collaborated with our good friends at Matchless once again to bring you some hazy love to make that man sitting in the elevator wish he was as lucky as you.

We’ll be releasing the beer at Bottleworks on Wednesday, July 10th and having a get together at Brouwer’s on Thursday the 11th at 6 p.m.

Stop by The Shop Around the Corner for a good read, pick some daisies, and join us for a pint where we can reminisce about a simpler time filled with dial tones and the three words that could make any heart flutter – You’ve Got Ale!

Thursday, May 16th @ 11am, Sour Fest

Are you tired of all those sticky stouts from the previous weekend? So are we! So we’re taking them all off and replacing them with something a little more seasonal. That’s right, it’s sour time! Our favorite festival of the year rolls on to give the Seattle beer nerds community a chance to do lasting damage to their palates.

We live for the question, “What’s your sourest sour on right now.” The answer is, “yes!” On May 16th, hop on over to Fremont for one of the biggest days on the Seattle beer calendar. We’ll have sunshine, snacks, sour beer, and slambics. You won’t want to miss it!

Tuesday, May 14th @ 6pm, An Evening with Great Notion

Another Night with Great Notion (2019 Ed.)

Beer Week is soon upon us and as you are all aware, we host a couple pretty cool events during that time. Well, we usually sprinkle a smaller night in there to round things out… usually. This year, being the gluttons for punishment that we are, we’ve decided to host one of the most talked about breweries in the PNW – Great Notion down in Portland. Last time we hosted them, it was a packed house and all 6 kegs kicked within a couple hours and we’d expect nothing less this time around.

We’ll be tapping 5 or 6 of their hoppy treats (we’re keeping a couple goodies for Stout and Sour Fest) at 6 p.m. on Tuesday, May 14th. Come out for a (hopefully) beautiful sunny day during an off day of Seattle Beer Week.

Monday, May 13th @6pm A Night with Matchless, Logsdon, North Fork and Whitewood

Matchless/Logsdon/The North Fork/Whitewood Night

Well, this one started out as a night with Matchless and Logsdon since we love both of them and because Pat and John are such good friends. They are releasing a special Farmhouse IPA and we figured it might be a good time have them come in and pull a couple beers out the cellar for the night. It was then brought up that maybe Dave at Whitewood Cellars might want to be a part of it since he shares a space at Matchless. Funky barrel-aged cider too? Great idea! Anyone else?

“You bet,” said a soft-spoken voice from the North. Eric from The North Fork? Absolutely! You can come on down for this friendship-palooza too. We were hoping to having a bit of dueling collabs, but unfortunately, the gods of fermentation (the microbes) weren’t working to our deadline. Still, on Monday, May 13th, we’ll have a couple very nice treats from all four shops for you to enjoy including the rad collaboration that sparked the idea for the evening. Here is what we will be pouring, beginning at 6 p.m.:

Matchless/Logsdon Farmhouse IPA

Matchless Gristburger Pils

Matchless Bar

Logsdon Oak Bretta

Logsdon Far West Vlaming ‘18

The North Fork Skyline of the Olympus Mons

The North Fork Old Black Dawning

Whitewood Cellars Mcintosh Single Varietal

Whitewood Cellars Gibbs Farm Barrel Aged

Friday, May 10-12, Back in Black Stout Fest

Oh goodness, is Seattle Beer Week here already? It feels like just yesterday we were drinking Barleywines and hoping for some sunshine and warmth. Well, here we are: sweating, pounding lagers, and hoping for some gray and rain. My how the tides have turned.  Well, we have a way to turn back the clock…

Come on in May 10th to remind yourselves of a simpler time, huddled en masse trying to survive Snowmaggedon by drinking dark, boozy beers and eating hearty food because the local co-op ran out of turnips and kale. We’ll have stouts on stouts on stouts the entire weekend.  Stop in, order some heavy beer and some heavier food, and forget about that big ball of fire in the sky; summer can wait.