Sunday, July 21st Delirium Flag Day

Delirium Flag Day

July 21st is one of the most significant days for Belgians. It is the day that Leopold I ascended to the throne and the constitutional monarchy of Belgium was established. Citizens and the Belgian diaspora alike celebrate this momentous day. L’union fait la force.

For us here, it is the start of Belgian Beer Week and we thought it’d be a great idea to celebrate one of the most lauded and decorated Belgian beers around – Huyghe’s Delirium Tremens. The idea then popped up to include its siblings, Nocturnum and Red, since then we can represent the three colors of the Belgian Flag.

On Sunday, July 21st, please help us celebrate Belgian National Day with Huyghe. We’ll be offering flights of the three beers all day and having a “keep the glass” special from 6-8 pm. The pink elephant awaits.

August 14th @ 6pm An Evening with Rare Barrel

In the past, you may have noticed at your small bottle share that someone brought an interesting tart treat from an eponymously named brewery in Northern California. Surely you inquired afterward as to where you could find the brewery’s other beers. Well, until recently, the answer to that was not very many places. Recently, however, the good people at The Rare Barrel were gracious enough to send a shipment of beer of this way and some of your favorite sports probably picked some up.

We ended up picking up a few of their brews and thought about what to do with them. A couple went on during Sour Fest, and they were both terrific and two of the most popular beers at the festival. If you missed out, we have great news for you. On Aug 14th, we’ll be putting on all 4 of the beers we were fortunate enough to get from them for your enjoyment. The tap list will be:

Across the Sea Sour Ale w/ Coriander and Sea Salt

Apropos of Nothing Sour Ale w/Elderberries and Lavender

Pop’t Art Sour Ale w/ Blueberries, Boysenberries, and Cherries

Summer’s Gonna Hurt You Sour Ale w/ Peaches and Nectarines

Wednesday, July 31st @ 6pm An Evening With Skookum Brewing

Have you ever sat outside next to an airport and put down a few cold ones? No? That sounds weird, you say? That’s because you haven’t made it up to Arlington to go see the good people at Skookum, conveniently located adjacent to Arlington Municipal Airport. If you haven’t made the stop, you are definitely missing out, but we might have the next best thing.

On July 31st, we’ll be hosting Hollis and his wares in-house for a night with Skookum. They are one of our favorite Washington breweries and we are excited to be able to pour several of his offerings that evening. Tap list coming soon, both expect both hoppy and rich barley treats from them.

July 21st-28th Revisit the Trappists

In this day and age, every brewery out there is throwing new and exciting beers out to the thirsty public seemingly all the time. It’s the era of FOMO – you can’t afford to be shamed on your semi-anonymous beer logging website for missing out on the Super Hazy Pastry Boi ™ of the week. Oh my god, it was sooooooooooo gooooooood. The horror of it all.

Well, you know what is always there for you? What will never be as fleeting as a 1-4-pack/pp limit of micro-brewery hop juice? That’s right, it’s the Trappists. They are a time-honored tradition of brewing excellence. When was the last time you ordered an Orval – the first commercially available Brett beer in the US; or maybe crack open a cellar-temped bottle of delicious Rochefort 10?

That time could be right now – or very soon. It’s the time of the year when we like to look beyond the hype and revisit beers that are on the top of your favorite brewers’ desert island list. Once again, we’ll be offering 20% all the Trappist beers in our cellar and a certain t-shirt might make a repeat appearance.

Saturday, July 20th @ 2pm Sours & Flowers @ Brouwer’s with New Belgium

Do you like pretty flowers?

Would you smell them in the meadow?

Do you like tasty sours?

Would you drink them on a plateau?

Can you be here at two?

Maybe flowers we’ll hand to you.

Will you join us July 20th?

For sours we’ll have plenty of.

Please join us for a unique event where we’ll be pairing pours of some of New Belgium’s finest sour ales with beautiful flowers from […]. Flowers are available to everyone who partakes (while supplies last).

Thursday, July 18 @ 6pm the Release of Vern’s Peach Tea Sour from the North Fork Brewery

Blend of spontaeneous and mix culture blonde ales aged in red wine barrels. Refermented on 2 lbs per gallon of sweet dreams peaches. Racked into fresh American whiskey barrels on black tea leaves and bottles conditioned with brett.

Vern’s Peach Tea

Vern’s familial ties to Belgium are well documented; hell, he even opened a restaurant in tribute to them. Fewer though, know that he has family in the deep-south – Alexandria, Louisiana to be exact. Thus, the time-honored tradition of sitting on a porch and drinking fruited iced tea watching the days pass by is near and dear to his heart. Well, in comes his good neighbor, Eric, who had a great idea for a beer – Peach Tea!

Well gee, what a swell idea. What they’ve done is blend North Fork’s mixed culture blonde ale with some spontaneously fermented brew just for the occasion. It was then refermented on a ton of Sweet Dream Peaches, known around for their size and sweetness, at a rate of two pounds per gallon. It was then racked into fresh whiskey barrels on black tea leaves. After sauntering along, it was finally ready and then put into bottles with brett to recondition. Now, it’s ready for you to enjoy in your best rocking chair on a warm day.

Thursday, July 11th @ 6pm Matchless Brewing You’ve Got Ale IPA Draft Release.

You’ve Got Ale!

An absolute defining sense of self. Local. Hoppy. Hazy. IPA.

That’s what we are offering you. We’ve collaborated with our good friends at Matchless once again to bring you some hazy love to make that man sitting in the elevator wish he was as lucky as you.

We’ll be releasing the beer at Bottleworks on Wednesday, July 10th and having a get together at Brouwer’s on Thursday the 11th at 6 p.m.

Stop by The Shop Around the Corner for a good read, pick some daisies, and join us for a pint where we can reminisce about a simpler time filled with dial tones and the three words that could make any heart flutter – You’ve Got Ale!