Brouwer’s Turns 16, Saturday March 27th

Last year we planned to blow the doors off any previous anniversaries.

Last year we wanted to celebrate fifteen f*ckin’ years of craft beer.

Last year we were going to run back some of our amazing birthday beers for the last time.

Last year we couldn’t wait to see hundreds of our friends at the biggest party we could throw.

All of that was so last year. This year, though? Well, we’re turning sixteen and given the difficulties of the previous year, we are pretty stoked to be doing so. Making it through all the gray and uncertain days has been a labor of love, but thankfully, a light at the end of this is starting to brighten. That being said, we’ll be celebrating our anniversary this year in a more subdued manner. We are still going to have some kick ass vintage pulls from our cellar, so no worries there. We will also be following the state mandates for capacity and party sizes, so those days of being shoulder to shoulder drinking, laughing, and celebrating will have to wait for another year. 

As is tradition though, we are going to have some kickass brews for you to celebrate with. First up will be Stationary Momentum IPA from Ravenna Brewing. Tommy, Audra, Alex, and the rest of the team over there are putting together a super refreshing, northwest style IPA that will pair well with the terrific weather we are having and hope to keep around for a while.

Our second beer will be coming from the wild beer minds of Paul and Eric, of The Ale Apothecary and The North Fork, respectively. Both brewed the same base beer at each of their spots and then Eric drove down to Bend to blend his version with Paul’s. The finished product is a spontaneous ale brewed with Aronia berries and then aged on Chardonnay Lees. If you know either of these two breweries or brewers, you know it won’t be a beer to be missed. 

As we get closer to the date, we’ll release the draftlist as well as the instructions on how to get these great beers out of our hands, and into yours. 

We feel incredible lucky to have had the support of the Seattle beer scene for sixteen years and we know with your support we’ll be here another sixteen. Cheers!

Orval Day, Saturday, March 20th

Wait, didn’t we just do this? Well yes, but also, no. Back in October several fine establishments
and patrons at home raised a glass and celebrated one of the finest Trappist beers in the world.
It was a make-up Orval Day, kind of like a snow day, except this snow was a global pandemic
and the day has now been a year.
As the world slowly crawls out of the fog, the fine people at Merchant du Vin, the importers of
Orval, wanted to get Orval Day back to rightful place in March. Brouwer’s Café, the fine people
who love Orval, don’t want to miss an opportunity to get an Orval into the hands of the 25%
While we wish the days were still here that we were opening up cases of Orval, filling the big
glass, and passing it all around, we still think it is a day worth celebrating. Whether you come in
and see us that day or add an Orval to your to-go order, everyone can safely celebrate this
wonderful brew together, separately.
Did we mention it is for a great cause? Each year Merchant du Vin makes a donation to charity
based on US sales of Orval on Orval Day. This year, their charitable contribution will go to
regional US hunger-relief organizations Houston Food Bank and our very own Northwest
Harvest. Charitable donations AND an Orval?! Sounds like a pretty good Saturday to us. Cheers!