Wednesday, October 10th @ 6pm All the Fremont Fresh Hops

Fremont Fresh Hop Showcase

By this time, if you’ve been around for a fresh hop season, you’ve become familiar with Cowiche Canyon. It is one of the best hop producing regions in the greatest hop producing region in the world.  We will be putting all of this seasons Fresh Hop Beers from Fremont as well as a couple other goodies.

Draftlist will be:

Field to Ferment Centennial
Field to Ferment Simcoe
Field to Ferment Citra
Head Full of Fresh HOP
Cowiche Canyon Fresh Hop Citra/Simoce


Wednesday, October 3rd @6pm Bale Breaker and Friends

Bale Breaker and Friends

If anyone knows about the hop harvest, it’s the people in the middle of it. That’s why we’ve invited Bale Breaker to come up and peddle their wares to the thirsty masses. They’ll be showing off a few neat collabs they’ve done as well as one or two of their own fresh-hop brews. The list so far is:

Bale Breaker – Piled High Imperial IPA
Bale Breaker/Crux- Way Too Fresh IIPA
Bale Breaker/Cloudburst- Citra Slicker IPA
Bale Breaker/Modern Times- Palm Springs Pilsner (not fresh-hop, but delicious)

We might even have a beer or two from the participating breweries as well. Come out on Wednesday, October 3rd to try these great beers and put a fresh hop in your face.



Thursday, September 6th-16th, Celebrate Washington Cider Week

Apple: noun


  1. the round fruit of a tree of the rose family, which typically has thin red or green skin and crisp flesh. Many varieties have been developed as dessert or cooking fruit or for making cider.


Washington: noun


  1. Also called Washington State.

A state in the NW United States, on the Pacific coast. 68,192 sq. mi. (176,  Capital: Olympia. Abbreviation: WA (for use with zip code)


Washington Cider Week: noun

  1. an 11-day craft cider celebration kicking off on September 6th, 2018.

It is that time off the year where we come together and celebrate Washington’s favorite export – the apple. More importantly, the beverage derived from the apple, cider. Cider producers from across the state have come together to give praise to their craft and are putting on over 70 events across Washington to expose people to more cider than you can shake a tree at.

At Brouwer’s, we’re helping celebrate by featuring several Washington cidermakers’ brews as well as a few ciders that we really like from the West Coast. We’ll even have a couple special one-offs to enjoy as well. Come out, beginning September 6th and see what all the gluten-free fuss is about and drink your daily serving of fruit.

Well, how about them apples?