Last week was a bit crazy….

What a crazy week last week was. Monday started off witha bang, Big Time rolled out the Old Wooly Barleywine. Wednesday Big Time cleared the cellar. On Thursday the opening day of the Big Wood festival I was found out that I was capable of doing something I would never would have suspected. Let’s just call it my little circus trick. Matt Bonney wondered aloud if I could balance a snifter on my bald head, so we tried an empty one it worked, I walked up and down the length of the bar, then we had to fill it and guess what? I was able to do it again, my reward, I got to drink the contents, Stella Artois, not too much of a reward in my opinion….to bad I wasn’t a bit more ambitious. Lucky for me a regular was there to capture the moment, ah the joys of modern technology such as Iphones….

Big Wood was a success thanks to all who attended. The winners were, for the second year in a row Flyer’s Bottleworks VII won, second was Lost Abbey’s Brouwers Blend, and third was Port Townsend’s Marker’s Mark Porter. Honorable Mentions were Big Time Dancefloor, Lost Abbey’s Angel’s Share and Dogfish Head Palo Santo. Thanks again to all who were in attendance and made this a success. Stay tuned for more circus tricks, although I am unsure how I will out due this one. I was accused of having model posture so I may be headed of to and Agency real soon.