New Look For Brouwer’s Website

While a flash website is nice and pretty, it’s just been such a hassle for us to update as frequently as we should be. So we’ve switched over to this blog format. We’ll clean it up and make it look prettier as time goes on. The important thing though is that we got the Draftlist on here now, and it is up to date, at least for now. My next step is making it so people other than myself can update it on a daily basis. Alas I’ll be out of town until next week and that will be the next update. Sorry, it’s still a work in progress.

4 thoughts on “New Look For Brouwer’s Website”

  1. Kickass! I loved the look of the old site, but would take regular updates over Flash any day of the week. Looking forward to this – nice work, Ian!

  2. Nice, can Brouwers and Bottleworks share a Twitter/Facebook account? I'd love to follow both from one location.

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