Calling Cross Racers! oh and Hopfest is coming.

It’s that time again, can you believe it, fall is coming…the first MFG race is this Sunday in Kirkland.  We love cross and for the third year in a row we are helping ring in the coming of cross by hosting the Kick Off party here from 6-10 tonight.  The party will be upstairs.  The buffet will start around 6:45.  Look for Schooner Exact beer specials upstairs.  Please join us. 

Another friendly reminder.  Hopfest starts September 27th and runs through the weekend.  This is our annual celebration of all things hoppy.  We are hoping that the harvest is early enough that we can have a better fresh hop presence at the festival than we have in past years.  We invite you to join us, cause you live in the northwest and there’s probably a good chance that you enjoy hoppy beers.  The T-shirts are already here, we went with an olive green shirt this year with the above logo on it.  We really like em, and hey they aren’t black like most of our shirts.  We hope you plan on joining us.