We currently have an app in the itunes store, at this time it is only available for iphone 4 and 5, sorry no windows phones or android phones just yet.  We started working on this a while back and while it is not perfect right now, we feel it is better to release it in to the world and get it in the end users hands, than to get it perfect.  So the information is 95%, if a draftlist or bottlelist is not complete or  has changed in the last day or so, the information may be imperfect.  We apologize for any trouble this may cause you.  Please send your  comments/concerns/compliments to info@brouwerscafe.com. 

With that said, we hope that you are prepping your liver for Hardliver Barleywine fest which is Saturday and Sunday March 23 and 24.  We hope to have a tentative list up by mid next week.  We are making a concentrated effort to get more information about all that we do in front of you here and on the book of faces.

We have an Upright brewers night on Wednesday, February 27th @ 6pm.  We will be pouring:

Spollen Angel (tripel)
Blend Edmunds (blend of barrel aged fruit beers)
Chocolate Stout (newest one-off, just a straight up version w/American ale yeast).  

We are please to announce that we will be hosting the Washington launch of pFriem Brewing from Hood River, on Tuesday March 12th @ 6pm.  Josh Pfriem and his partners will be in the house.  Josh has been making some amazing Belgian inspired beers, we are excited and honored to be chosen as the first bar in Washington to pour pFriem beers.  We are working on having some food pairings as well for the evening, as we all know food and beer just go together.  We will be pouring the following beers:  Belgian Golden Strong, Belgian Dark Strong, Super Saison, Blonde IPA, Belgian Stout, and Mosaic Pale.   Please join us on this special evening.