How is it already the middle of November?

My My how time fly’s when your having fun…I used to laugh when my dad talked about how fast life goes…now I know how he feels.  That brings me to event number 1 on the horizon:

The Elysian Pumpkin Roadshow on Wednesday, November 27th at 6pm.  We will be tapping 16 pumpkin beers, what better way to spend the day before Thanksgiving with our without your family.  This is the second year that we have done the Pumpkin Roadshow the day before Thanksgiving and it looks like we will continue.  We here feel that most of the pumpkin beers come out way too early, and that’s why we hold on to some and host this event right when we feel is a perfect time to enjoy them.  We hope that you join us, there will be Elysian representatives in to hoist a pint with.  We will be tapping Elysian beers as well as a few others we have held on to….

Southern Tier Pumpking 9.1%
Dogfish Head Punk’n 7%
Elysian Dark o the Moon pumpkin stout  6.5%        
Elysian Great Pumpkin 8.1%
Elysian/21 A He Said- 8.2% Belgian Triple with pumpkin, terragon and galangal
Elysian/21 A He Said- 8.2% Baltic Porter with pumpkin, Vietnamese cinnamon, and caraway
Epic Pumpkin Porter 8%
Midnight Sun Treat 7.8%
Porpolis Pumpkin Dubbel 7%
South Hampton Imperial Pumpkin 5.5%
Elysian Calatrava 6% Habenero Pumpkin Ale
Elysain Great Gherkin  3.94% Cucumber Pumpkin
Elysian Plumpkin 5.2% Plum Pumkin ale
Elysian Kurbitinus 6.65% Pumpkin Dunkelwiesse
Elysian Hopsquash IPA 6% collaboration with Ninkasi
Jolly Pumpkin La Parcela
We will be closed on Thursday, November 28th for Thanksgiving, see ya on Friday where we are open our regular hours.

On the heels of the roadshow and Thanksgiving, comes one of our favorite festivals all year, Bigwood.  The event starts Thursday, December 5th at 11am when we open, and runs through the weekend.  We are putting together a great list this year, look for this years list to be fantastic, we are hoping to have some surprises for you.  We will be posting a tentative list in the next week or so, so stay tuned.

On the same weekend we have another event that we are still in the planning stages of, we need a few ducks to fall in line before we can tell you about it.  It will be on either Friday, the 6th or Saturday the 7th.  Stay tuned, as soon as we can release the details we will.

Everybody’s favorite the Firestone Walker Ugly Sweater Party is on December 12th at 6pm.  There will be games, gifts and prizes for the ugliest sweater.  The judging of the sweaters will probably take place at about 9pm.  We suggest you get here eat, drink, play some games all in your ugliest sweater.  We will be tapping a bunch of the regular suspects, such as Pivo Pils, Union Jack Ipa, Wookie Jack Black Rye Ipa to name a few…we will be pulling some vintage beers from the cellar, and Firestone is sending us something special.  Beer geeks find your ugliest sweater and prepare your pallet for flavor country.  This is always a super fun event with lots of ways to walk away with a prize.