We just posted the Bigwood draftlist under the Bigwood sidebar link.  You will notice that the Surly beers are ” subject to  arrival”, we are expecting them to be delivered sometime during the day, and they will be tapped as soon as possible after delivery.  Why might you ask are they not here yet, they got hung up because of a snow storm and the holiday slowed delivery of them down.  We apologize in advance, and appreciate your understanding in advance.

This is also a reminder that we will be closing early tonight to aid with set up for tomorrows event.  We will call last call at 11:30 and lock the doors at midnight.  We also appreciate your understanding with this.

Don’t forget the Brewtal Truth book signing event with Adem Tepedelen and Todd Haug from Surly Brewing on Saturday, December 7th at 4pm.

Adem wrote a book, has a blog and writes for Decible Mag,Adem likes metal music, and beer, to be exact extreme beer…Todd brews beer at Surly and happens to like metal music too, and just happens to be in Adem’s book…they got to talking and thought it would be great to do a book signing in our fine establishment.  We were  honored and more than happy to host this event.
At 4pm Adem will be on stage, and Surly beer will be flowing, what Surly beers you ask?  Well we will be pouring 7 to be exact, I won’t bore you with more of my words what follows is the list of beers being sent our way:
Coffee Bender

We hope this allows you to plan in advance.  We look forward to seeing you.