Attention, Attention! The Beer and Burger Battle is tomorrow!

We are very excited about this event.  We will not be open at our regular 11am,  we are opening at 2pm and kicking the battle off then, this is a change from past years.  Please take note. We apologize if this was not clear.  We keep trying out different approaches, this year we thought we would open later, do just burgers all day, and have a great time.  This year Drew from Big Time defends his title against, Tony from Boneyard, Jamie from Ninkasi, Matt and Warren from Schooner Exact, and Jesse and the gang from Almanac.  Your palette will not be disappointed by anything that is offered.  The idea behind this event is pretty straight forward, we invite 5 breweries (including the winner from the previous year) to design a burger based around a 1/3 pound beef patty, and pair it with a beer, while providing other beer options.  The winner is determined by the most combine sales of both the burger and the beers. 

The weather is looking to be amazing for Sour Fest, on Thursday, May 15th.  We are currently taking internal bets as to how many folks will be in line when we open, and how early the earliest person will line up.  You got any ideas?  We have compiled what we feel is a great list.  We hope you choose to join us.