Hopfest is coming. We encourage you to read on….


Yes this is an old logo, however we are thinking of bringing it back.  Which brings us to Hopfest, our annual celebration of hoppy goodness is quickly approaching. This festival is constantly evolving, as it was originally held in August, then moved to September, and is now getting pushed even later. Why? Well, it’s pretty simple! Fresh hop beers are totally dependent on the weather and the timing of the hop harvest, and we want the freshest beers possible for your drinking pleasure.


This year we’re also trying something a little different! Instead of a week long festival, we’re going to celebrate hops and fresh hops the entire month of October! What does this mean? Well, you can count on there being at least 10 fresh hop beers on draft at all times, which we’ll tap as they become available, and constantly rotate. Plus we’ll also be holding select Hopfest events throughout the month, the first of which will be the Fremont Fresh Hop Showcase, on October 8th (see details below).


So, stay tuned, and we hope you will join us (many times!) for our October-long Hopfest!


Fremont Fresh Hop Showcase. Starts @ 3pm. Fremont Brewing is putting out a rotating series of fresh hop beers throughout September, called Field to Ferment—with a different varietal each week. We are going to hold on to one of each, and tap them on October 8th.