July 21st-28th Revisit the Trappists

In this day and age, every brewery out there is throwing new and exciting beers out to the thirsty public seemingly all the time. It’s the era of FOMO – you can’t afford to be shamed on your semi-anonymous beer logging website for missing out on the Super Hazy Pastry Boi ™ of the week. Oh my god, it was sooooooooooo gooooooood. The horror of it all.

Well, you know what is always there for you? What will never be as fleeting as a 1-4-pack/pp limit of micro-brewery hop juice? That’s right, it’s the Trappists. They are a time-honored tradition of brewing excellence. When was the last time you ordered an Orval – the first commercially available Brett beer in the US; or maybe crack open a cellar-temped bottle of delicious Rochefort 10?

That time could be right now – or very soon. It’s the time of the year when we like to look beyond the hype and revisit beers that are on the top of your favorite brewers’ desert island list. Once again, we’ll be offering 20% all the Trappist beers in our cellar and a certain t-shirt might make a repeat appearance.