Saturday, December 7th @6pm, An Evening with Burial Brewing


Naming beers might be one of the most difficult parts in the logistics process. They need to be unique, stand out just enough, and stand out for the right reasons. It also helps if they reference something local and familiar. It often goes unnoticed, but a beer name can make or break the sale.

There are, of course, breweries that don’t care how local, familiar, or pleasant the names are. One of our favorite breweries subscribes to this principle. We are talking about Burial out of Asheville, NC. You might not be totally familiar with them, but they have been making outstanding beers of all styles on the east coast for quite a few years now. Doug and Tim, the owners, are products of the PNW brew scene, and into giving their beers rad names. They’ve been friends of the restaurant for a while now and were gracious enough to send some delicious treats our way, not just for festivals, but to have a bunch on at once. Bottleworks will also be getting some package, so you can enjoy them at home, at someone else’s home, in the woods, or at a ritual sacrifice.

On December 7th, yes, the Saturday of Big Wood, we’ll be tapping several of the beers we’re receiving for y’all to come out to try. It’ll be the next best thing to flying out to Asheville and checking out the scene (seriously, though, it is highly recommended).

Taplist for the evening:

To Wear the Feathers of Slain Beasts Mixed Culture Saison w/second use peaches

This Earthen Helix of Death DIPA

When You Lay in Your Grave DIPA

Hellstar Dark Lager

Contrition Pilsner

Surf Wax IPA