Wednesday, November 27th @ 6pm. Tapping of Firestone Walker Rolling Bones

This year, we lost a very important and special figure in not just our local scene, but the larger one as well. Obviously, we are talking about Matt Bonney,  former Operations Manager here at Brouwer’s, the Burgundian, and Bottleworks and owner of the Toronado Seattle,  and member of the Publican National Committee.  Rightfully so, many brewers have made special beers commemorating his life and legacy. It has been incredible to watch the community come together to to send the Centaur out in style. Years ago, while the PNC was still very active, they all got together to brew a handful of beers. They brewed a stout with Firestone Walker, and it was appropriately named PNC. A sour was brewed by Allagash and was named PNC #2 Broken Elevator.   Wanting to honor these amazing beers, the former members of the PNC descended upon Paso Robles and had a conference at the Walker Farm. Together they crafted two beers that will hopefully be a lasting tribute.

The stout isn’t ready just yet, but soon we’ll have the sour. We’ll be tapping a keg of Rolling Bones American Wild Ale fermented with plums, cherries, black currants, and grapes on Wednesday, November 27th. Bottles will be available for purchase at Bottleworks on that day as well.

We hope you’ll join us that evening.

Here’s more info on the beer itself:

Final beer details: American Wild Ale Fermented with Plums, Blackcurrants, Cherries and Grapes. 7.1% ABV.  Barrel Ratio: 67% French Oak, 22% American Oak, 10% Rum barrel.

 “Kindred brothers from another mother sit down together to blend and stutter. Mindful of much to do about nothing they paint with their palate’s, ideas get them buzzing. For years they held court beguiling like jesters, imbibing and jiving the ether of ancestors. They bring to the table a blend for the ages, the tricks of their trade they weave in like sages. From field to vat to barrel to bottle, bound flavors of feral to be read like a novel. The sounds of the bones that dance on the barrel head, relative memories for spirits not gone dead. Currants and plums and grape skins and cuvee, Liefmans, Agrestic and Flanders are all in play. The game is a foot when the blend strikes a chord, still each in the group asks, “Is it me Lord?”. Found harmony through barrel and in friends past and present, the gift of this blend to bring joy, peace and presence. Santé!”