Orval Day, Saturday, March 20th

Wait, didn’t we just do this? Well yes, but also, no. Back in October several fine establishments
and patrons at home raised a glass and celebrated one of the finest Trappist beers in the world.
It was a make-up Orval Day, kind of like a snow day, except this snow was a global pandemic
and the day has now been a year.
As the world slowly crawls out of the fog, the fine people at Merchant du Vin, the importers of
Orval, wanted to get Orval Day back to rightful place in March. Brouwer’s Café, the fine people
who love Orval, don’t want to miss an opportunity to get an Orval into the hands of the 25%
While we wish the days were still here that we were opening up cases of Orval, filling the big
glass, and passing it all around, we still think it is a day worth celebrating. Whether you come in
and see us that day or add an Orval to your to-go order, everyone can safely celebrate this
wonderful brew together, separately.
Did we mention it is for a great cause? Each year Merchant du Vin makes a donation to charity
based on US sales of Orval on Orval Day. This year, their charitable contribution will go to
regional US hunger-relief organizations Houston Food Bank and our very own Northwest
Harvest. Charitable donations AND an Orval?! Sounds like a pretty good Saturday to us. Cheers!