Seattle Beer Week 12 May 6th-16th, 2021

After a COVID-year hiatus, Brouwer’s Café will be hosting our annual Stout and Sour Fest once again during Seattle Beer Week, this time a little bit differently.

In order to revive Stout and Sour Fest from a rough year off, we knew what was needed was a shot (or two) in the arm. Fortunately, the team here in the beer cave has just that. Having our staff fully vaccinated made us feel like hosting a Beer Week event was actually possible. Still though, we know many people are not or will not hit that milestone before the annual May festivities would have kicked off. Once again, we are going to pivot the event a tad to keep it as responsible as we can.

This year, instead of two separate events with too much beer for the current climate, we are going to hold Stout and Sour Fest jointly throughout Beer Week. It’ll be a bit smaller, obviously, as have been the events we’ve held in the last couple of months. What we are thinking is putting twelve stouts and twelve sours for your enjoyment. We’ll make sure the quality of the beers make up for the lack of quantity. It is a departure from the usual Beer Week blowout, but we know bigger festivals and events are down the road, hopefully sooner than we think.

In addition to the in-house draft list, we’ll also be doing special “Fest-at-Home” packs for those who want to make it to their own milestones before venturing out to events again.  Those will be made available on May 2nd.

As is the case with everyday dining here, we are strictly adhering to all King County regulations for indoor and outdoor dining. We are also placing a cap on party sizes to six (6) guests.  We won’t be taking reservations, and as such, we ask that tables limit their time here to two (2) hours. That should be plenty of time to get your fill of awesome brews.

Beer Week has historically been the end of our festival season here and we really want to thank all of your who have beared with us and supported us as we’ve tried to deliver a little bit of normal through Big Wood, Hard Liver, our Anniversary, and this upcoming week. This time has been anything but normal, and we look forward to seeing a lot of you in the near future. Hopefully. Keep wearing your masks and wash your damn hands.