“Little” Bigwood Festival Dec 2nd- 5th

Little Bigwood—December 2 nd – 5 th
Can you believe it’s almost December?! The holidays weren’t the same without you last year, and we’ve come a long way since then, so we decided it’s time for a wee bit of a celebration.

Bigwood is one of our favorite festivals here at Brouwer’s Café. Why you ask? Well, it’s the barrel aged beers of course! For this event we’re able to tap all styles of beer, from Stouts to Sours, as long as they’ve been aged on wood. Plus these are the ones we personally love to drink!

So, why “Little” Bigwood? Well, we are still in a pandemic after all. We used to switch out every tap with a barrel aged beer, but with our still limited seating (and desire to help keep everyone healthy!), we figured somewhere in the neighborhood of 30 barrel aged beers would do the

What can you expect? The draft-list will be filled with cellar picks from years gone by, as well as some more recently acquired barrel aged goodies. You won’t be disappointed, and we willrelease the list in advance! So, come join us for the 2021 Little Bigwood, because well, you deserve it!

No reservations accepted, bring your mask and vax card.