Brouwer’s 18th Anniversary

Drumroll please!!!!!   

The moment you have all been waiting for!!!


Please read all of this!! As there will be online sales and then the in-person celebration which will happen at different times.

We partnered with 2 different breweries to brew Anniversary Beers.  

Floodland brewed a beer that was blended from saison fermented and aged in barrels which formerly held Big Gin and refermented on organic 2022 harvest Balaton cherries from Apple Cart Fruit in the Okanogan Valley.  This will be available as a bottle and on draft.

Otherlands brewed a spectacular German Pils—this will only be available on draft.

The Nitty Gritty


Floodland bottles will go on sale Wednesday, March 22nd @12pm.

Limit 2 per person. If you order more, we will cancel/refund your whole order!

Proxies: NONE—your ID must match the name on the order.

Price: $38 per 750ml bottle 

Go here to order:

Pickup:  We are asking that you pickup the bottles Thursday between 12 and 4pm.  We are trying to avoid having them picked up during hours that we are open during our anniversary celebration as we will be busy enough pouring beer for you.  If this time period doesn’t work, we will work with you, but please keep your ticket/order number from the receipt. This will really help us and speed up the process of you getting your bottles.

We have done everything in our power to improve our online platform, if there are technical difficulties we apologize in advance.

We are kicking our 18th anniversary celebration off on Friday, March 24th at 4pm, it runs through the weekend! In addition to having both Anniversary beers on draft, we will have a gravity keg pouring of the Pils, and 6 other beers from Floodland.  We are still finalizing the other anniversary beers that will be on the draftlist, but we will be pulling past anniversary beers on draft as well as pulling bottles from the cellar for onsite consumption. Stay tuned for a complete draftlist!

The other Floodland beers will be:

2022 Dwellers by the Waysides

2022 Inevitably it Ends

MMXXl Flowers of the Field

MMXXl Chardonnay 

2022 RAMA

2021-2022 Seekers After Light