The Roast of Kevin Davey! Thursday, March 14th. (Ticket Event)

Former Plumber and then Chuckanut, Firestone Walker, Wayfinder brewmaster turned Heater Allen/Gold Dot co-owner is taking his turn to be roasted by a group of his peers at Brouwer’s Cafe. The heat gets turned up, just take a look at that panel and you get the idea of whats going to happen.

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Roast Panel

Colin Lenfesty of Holy Mountain Brewing

Steve Luke of Cloudburst Brewing

Lisa Allen of Heater Allen/Gold Dot

Brandon Wiley of Bottleworks

Natalie Rose of Wayfinder Beer

Ezra Johnson-Greenough of The New School Beer & Cider

Matt Edwards of Georgetown Brewing

Jon Olken of Full Throttle Bottles

+ Special Guests

Hosted by Chanell Williams

All tickets proceeds to benefit Roots Young Adult Shelter.