Lucas Cates Band live and more Hardliver footage

We are please to announce that on next Saturday, March 26th we will have the Lucas Cates Band playing here at 10pm, Thanks to Dicks Brewing. Look for some newly released beers from the brewery to be on draft.

For those of you that have not gotten enough of Matt Bonney and New Brew Thursday’s here’s another clip from Hardliver about the winners.

We would also like to take this time to apologize that the Draftlist, and Food Menu have not been updated lately online, we are experiencing some technical problems and hope to have them resolved sooner than later. We know this could be an inconvenience, and hope that you decide to come on in knowing that we will certain have something that will quench you thirst and fill your stomach.

Blind Lion Scotch and Cigar Night and New Brew Thursday Episode

Another Blind Lion Scotch and Cigar night is coming up. Saturday April 16th at 7:00 pm we will close our doors for this closed door event. Tickets cost $100 and include a buffet, unlimited Scotch tasters for 2 hours, and a hand rolled cigar. If you are interested in obtaining tickets, contact Matt Bonney at For those of you that have not attended it is a not to be missed event. What more could you want than great food, amazing Scotch and the chance to enjoy a hand rolled cigar.

New Brew Thursday was here during Hardliver and did an interview with Matt Bonney, watch the episode below. We hope you enjoy it.

March 17 : Brouwer’s Cafe : on location with special guest Matt Bonney from New Brew Thursday on Vimeo.