Saturday, April 1st @ 3pm. The Return of the 3 Headed Hop Monster!


Does anyone remember this day? No?  Well let us fill in the details for you.  It was a Tuesday, almost 2 years ago during Seattle Beer Week, our friends at Barley Brown’s, Boneyard, and Melvin got together to share their collabeeration during an event called “Rise of the 3 Headed Hop Monster”, Jeremy from Melvin brought his black Hearse and we had one hell of a party.

A few weeks ago they got together again, this time at Boneyard and re-brewed this beer.  We are proud to be hosting re-release of this beer “The Return of the 3 Headed Hop Monster”, Saturday, April 1st at 3pm.  We will also have a few other tasty adult beverages from the aforementioned breweries.  We hope to see you Saturday.