Wednesday, February 21st @ 6pm. Demon Sweat vs Holy Water Whiskey Event

If Benjamin Franklin was right and beer is proof that god loves us and wants us to be happy (ok, maybe it was about wine), then whiskey could be of someone else’s grand design.

This theory was put to the test when Four Roses Distillery made for us a truly devilish nectar that we’ve since called Demon Sweat. Spicy and hot like the fires of inferno, it certainly is (122.2) proof

Having run its course here at Brouwer’s it’s now time to cleanse ourselves. We’ve asked the High Clerics of Woodinville to lay their hands and provide unto us a purging salve so that we may be saved once again. They have obliged and given us Holy Water, a 132.16 proof single barrel from deep within their catacombs.

Join us on February 21st for the release of our new single barrel whiskey. We’ll have a special flight of both Four Roses Demon Sweat and Woodinville Holy Water. This will be the last opportunity to have Demon Sweat at Brouwer’s and flights are limited. We hope to see you all out that evening.