Thursday, February 7th @3pm 5th Annual Hob Mob Triple Ipa Kickoff Party

Here at Brouwer’s we are into training; training our staffon beer, training ourselves to handle the rigorous festival schedule we setforth, and training our palates to be the most knowledgeable we can be.

But what about our dear guests who find themselves needing to gear up for the events of February through May?! We haven’t left you out. You may ask, “Gee, how are you going to help us get ready for Hard Liver, your anniversary, and Seattle Beer Week?” Great question!

Come out on Thursday, February 7th for the 5th annual Hop Mob Triple IPA Roadshow. This year, we’ll be selecting 24 souped-up barley treats to get your livers ready for the rest of the year. With many of these IPAs knocking down your door at 10% and 100+ IBUs, your palate will have just enough time to recover for the next hoppy onslaught. What started out as a small collective of Washington brewers, eager to show that good IIIPAs exist outside of California, the Hop Mob has grown to over 50 breweries, all trying their hand at throwing as much malt and hops into a kettle that it can hold. Come celebrate all that is Washington born and brewed with the 5th installment of this great even