Monday, May 13th @6pm A Night with Matchless, Logsdon, North Fork and Whitewood

Matchless/Logsdon/The North Fork/Whitewood Night

Well, this one started out as a night with Matchless and Logsdon since we love both of them and because Pat and John are such good friends. They are releasing a special Farmhouse IPA and we figured it might be a good time have them come in and pull a couple beers out the cellar for the night. It was then brought up that maybe Dave at Whitewood Cellars might want to be a part of it since he shares a space at Matchless. Funky barrel-aged cider too? Great idea! Anyone else?

“You bet,” said a soft-spoken voice from the North. Eric from The North Fork? Absolutely! You can come on down for this friendship-palooza too. We were hoping to having a bit of dueling collabs, but unfortunately, the gods of fermentation (the microbes) weren’t working to our deadline. Still, on Monday, May 13th, we’ll have a couple very nice treats from all four shops for you to enjoy including the rad collaboration that sparked the idea for the evening. Here is what we will be pouring, beginning at 6 p.m.:

Matchless/Logsdon Farmhouse IPA

Matchless Gristburger Pils

Matchless Bar

Logsdon Oak Bretta

Logsdon Far West Vlaming ‘18

The North Fork Skyline of the Olympus Mons

The North Fork Old Black Dawning

Whitewood Cellars Mcintosh Single Varietal

Whitewood Cellars Gibbs Farm Barrel Aged