Thursday, September 19th @ 6pm Aslan/Masonry/Brouwer’s Fremontii Beer Release

We invite you to join us 09/19 for the release of Fremontii. We will be pouring the draft starting at 6pm. Bottleworks will be selling Bottles of Fremontii @ 11am. This beer will only be available at Brouwer’s, Bottleworks, The Masonry and Aslan. We all thought this would be a great way to welcome Aslan to Fremont. Look out there goes the neighborhood.

Fremontii is the result of an afternoon of barrel tasting and blending with Aslan, Brouwer’s and The Masonry. What we came up with was a blend of 3 barrels. 2/3 of the blend consisted of a rustic bock style beer, which was lagered in clean French oak puncheons throughout the winter of 2017. In the spring of 2018 it was re-barreled into second use bourbon barrels and well conditioned wine casks; we took one of each. The other 1/3 of the blend was a 30 month old cask of mixed culture pale Saison. Its difficult to say what “kind” of beer this is, but what we can say is that has well matured acidity, hints of bourbon, and sweet caramel, with classic brett brux in the background. Bottle conditioned with native yeasts and bacteria for 6 months prior to release. 9% ABV