Wednesday, September 25th @6pm. An Evening of Fresh Hops with Breakside Brewing

While we’re changing how we’re doing or hop celebration in October, that doesn’t mean we won’t have any fresh hop nights. Since the harvest came early, so are the beers; and that means, one of our fresh hop focused events is going to happen in September.

Breakside Brewing down in Portland has been one of our good friends for the last several years. After hearing that they were coming out with several fresh hop beers in a short period of time, we thought it might be a great idea to grab them all at once at put them on for a special showcase. After all, they brew some of the best fresh hop beers all season.

On September 25th, we’ll be tapping those five kegs and giving everyone a head-start in their quest to try as many freshies as possible during our favorite season of the year. The list of beers includes:

Fresh Sterling Pilsner
Fresh Simcoe Breakside IPA
Fresh Cascade Wanderlust
Fresh Chinook Thirst Trap
Fresh Mosaic Rough Beast

And as a special treat, we’re going to tap The Mountains of Instead, a barrel-aged Apple Ale that we’ve been holding onto for a special occasion.