Hardliver 2022 the 20th Anniversary!

Hardliver 2022— Lil liver ?  or another name here or nothing?

20 years?  What were you doing 20 years ago.  Was it even legal for you to drink?  Did you even know what Barleywine was?  Or were you at the Phinney Ridge Center for the inaugural year of this event.  20 years of flogging your livers, its time to celebrate, and we wish things were different and we could throw one giant party where everyone hung out all day, drank through the list of beers, and enjoyed the malty goodness.  But the pandemic has yet to release its grip on the day to day and to limit our close interactions.  We are sure there’s enough alcohol in Barleywine stop almost anything in its tracks, but it is not to be at this time.  The show must go on as it does and we would like to add a little familiarity and normalcy to all the chaos. 

Originally held in the Phinney Ridge Center as a Bottleworks festival early on before Brouwer’s Café was open, in 2005 when we opened it was with this festival, what a way to kick it all off.  In one way or another the festival has continued ever year since.  And it will continue.

Hardliver 2022 will take place.  The 20th Anniversary of this great event. It is scheduled for Saturday, February 26 and Sunday, February 27th.  Again, while we wish we could showcase 50 plus barleywines on this the 20th year of the event we are going to have 25 plus this year.  Lets all hope that next year we can have a little more normalcy and a few more beers on tap for the event. 

Cheers to 20 years and heres to 20 more!

May your livers be strengthened by the merriment of consuming Barleywine!