Sour Fest 2022 – May 19th -22nd

Sour Fest 2022
When the sun comes out for our Stout Fest, it’s usually cold and grey again for our Sour Fest! Pay that no mind though, whatever the weather, it’s aways a good time for Sours! Do you like Lambics? Yes! Funky beers? Yes! Wild beers? Yes! Are you on an unquenchable quest for everything sour? Yes! Then join us on Thursday May 19 th , for the kickoff of Sour Fest 2022.

This will be a wreak your palate, rip the enamel off your teeth good time! Bring your antacids, bring your friends, and bring your appetite for sour beers! Sour Fest will run all weekend, so you’ll have plenty of time to enjoy them all.