Now For Something Completely Different! An evening with Sean Paxton and Firestone Walker.

As I am sure you are all aware, Seattle Beer Week is just a few weeks away. One of the events that we have hosted each and every year is a night with Sean Paxton, the homebrew chef, and Firestone Walker. We look forward to it all year, the event is always fabulous, Sean is an amazingly creative gentleman and a joy to be around. This year the title of the event is “Now For Something Completely Different”, think English Pub food meets Brouwer’s Cafe, meets Firestone Walker Beer, for 10 courses paired with at least that many beers, usually more. I imagine there will be plenty of game on this menu. That’s the brief description now for the details:

Here is a link to Brown Paper Tickets where you can purchase tickets for the event. The event is scheduled for Wednesday, May 16th @ 6pm. This is a limited event we are selling 85 tickets, it has sold out in years past and we expect the same this year. The price for the event is $125 tax and gratuity included. In past years it was $100 but wasn’t inclusive of tax and gratuity. We invite you to purchase your ticket and reserve your spot at a not to be missed event.

The above photo was taken from Seattle Beer News. Its Sean a few years ago here at his first dinner.

Let’s all celebrate!!!

Chanukah, that is. On Tuesday night, December 20th, the first day of Chanukak, as part of Shmaltz’s 150 Chosen Bars we will be pouring Shmaltz’s Jewbelation 15, Lenny’s RIPA and Smaltz/Terripin Reunion Ale. Come in and have a glass or two. The Jewbelation 15 consists of 15 malts, 15 hops and is always a unique and rare beer. We are looking forward to having it on draft.

Don’t forget that on Saturday, December 17th at 4pm the Firestone Walker’s Ugly Sweater Party kicks off. We will be pouring a special beer, there will be a special 25 oz glass available and prizes @6pm from under the Charlie Brown Christmas tree. Wear your ugly sweater, come in and enjoy delicious and hoppy Firestone Walker beers. For those of you that attended Bigwood last week and enjoyed the unblended Velvet Merkin we will be tapping another keg around 6pm as well.

How Bout that Ugly Christmas Sweater?

In the last post I mentioned that Firestone Walker had something in the works, and to find that Ugly Sweater.(there’s a visual aid pictured above) Well I am pleased to inform you that this event, Think Ugly Sweater with a Charlie Brown Christmas Tree, is this Saturday, December 17th at 4pm . We will be pouring a very special beer from Firkins in to these:
Santa knows you, here in the Northwest, love all things hoppy and has a very special beer for you. No, I am not going to say exactly what, but I can assure you that your taste buds will thank you for showing up. In addition we will have Pale 31 (pre J), the UJ(in its purest form), Velvet Merlin (the other side of the rainbow), and towards the end of this event we will be tapping an Unblended Velvet Merkin (Rainbow in the dark)…all words in () provided by the Firestone rep.

Alright, you probably are bored of me typing on so you want details, here you go:
1. Wear your ugly sweater
2. The event starts at 4pm, we have a limited (40) of the large mugs pictured above, have a mug and you get to be the some of the first to taste this special beer. It is 25 oz, cost $20 filled on the first time, $12 dollars the second time. (you can still drink this beer without a mug but it will cost $7 a pint).
3. With your mug purchase you also receive a ticket for a prize that will be under the Charlie Brown Christmas Tree (gifts will be given between 6 and 7). Gifts will run the gamete from funny to awesome.
4. Have fun, it is the holidays after all, a time to reflect and be thankful.
5. Hope to see you Saturday!

Firestone Walker XV Release…

The much anticipated release of Firestone’s anniversary beer, on draft, here in Seattle will be on Monday, November 14th. Bottles of XV will also be for sale starting at 11am at Bottleworks. I imagine there will be a limited number that can be purchased per person. This is one of those beers that I anticipate will only get better with age.
As I am sure most of you are aware, this is a rare beer, and even more rare on draft. We will be tapping one small keg at 7pm. There will be a few other Firestone Beers on draft, adn we are also working on getting a special IPA, one that we had in the past, but nothing has been confirmed yet. From the sounds of it Brewmaster Matt Brynildson had a lot of fun making this beer, he calls in the winemakers from around Paso Robles and has them help with the blending. The first Anniversary beer was made for Firestone’s 10th anniversary, and one has been released every year since. Here’s a link with more information about the blending process, and a little history as well. We look forward to this night with much anticipation. If XV isn’t enough for you we also have Parabola, 13, and 14 available in the bottle for consumption on site, no to go sales here.

Don’t forget our other events as well:

Tuesday, November 8th, Alaskan Brewer’s night, we will be pouring their IPA, Perseverance Anniversary Ale, Smoked Porter and others.

Tuesday, November 15th, Coast to Coast Toast, a toast to the Importers Vanberg and DeWulf importers of fine Belgian Beers like: Scaldis, Dupont, Foret, and Moinette to name a few.

Firestone Walker’s Double Jack

We have just tapped a keg of Firestone Walker’s Double Jack, their Imperial IPA, those of you that missed it last night at Bottleworks now is your opportunity to try it. It was described today like this: “the brewer must have taken nine full hop vines and some how stuffed them in to my glass…” to say the least it is for the hop lovers out there. Travis, the Northwest sales rep, tells me it was dry hopped about 4 or 5 different times…the nose is spectacular… and at 9.5% abv how can you go wrong.
In other news Rodenbach and Rodenback Grand Cru are back on our shelves, both are 750ml bottles. They have not been available for quite some time and we are happy that they are back on our shelves.