Firestone Walker XV Release…

The much anticipated release of Firestone’s anniversary beer, on draft, here in Seattle will be on Monday, November 14th. Bottles of XV will also be for sale starting at 11am at Bottleworks. I imagine there will be a limited number that can be purchased per person. This is one of those beers that I anticipate will only get better with age.
As I am sure most of you are aware, this is a rare beer, and even more rare on draft. We will be tapping one small keg at 7pm. There will be a few other Firestone Beers on draft, adn we are also working on getting a special IPA, one that we had in the past, but nothing has been confirmed yet. From the sounds of it Brewmaster Matt Brynildson had a lot of fun making this beer, he calls in the winemakers from around Paso Robles and has them help with the blending. The first Anniversary beer was made for Firestone’s 10th anniversary, and one has been released every year since. Here’s a link with more information about the blending process, and a little history as well. We look forward to this night with much anticipation. If XV isn’t enough for you we also have Parabola, 13, and 14 available in the bottle for consumption on site, no to go sales here.

Don’t forget our other events as well:

Tuesday, November 8th, Alaskan Brewer’s night, we will be pouring their IPA, Perseverance Anniversary Ale, Smoked Porter and others.

Tuesday, November 15th, Coast to Coast Toast, a toast to the Importers Vanberg and DeWulf importers of fine Belgian Beers like: Scaldis, Dupont, Foret, and Moinette to name a few.