February 6th @ 3pm, 7th Annual Hop Mob

After five years the Washington Hop Mob has more than succeeded in its original goal of showing that we don’t need any fancy hypeboi Triple IPA from California, our local brewers can brew our very own fancy hypeboi Triple IPAs just as well

At one point, the number of participating breweries skyrocketed to over 40 from its humble beginning of just 12 Washington-only shops.

As with most things, the powers that be decided that the event needed change and adapt in order to survive. That’s why we are announcing a huge change to the Triple IPA only format. This year, Hop Mob will be open to all beers, provided they meet the following criteria:

Must be a new beer, specifically created for this event,

Have an IBU of 50+, and

Must be a complete expression of hop character.

That’s it? That’s it.

No style is off limits. A big, boozy, marshmallow macadamia nut imperial stout cram-jammed with Mosaic? Cool. A light-bodied lager double dry-hopped with Saaz, Motueka, and Galaxy? Word. An over-hopped juicy 12% Triple IPA? Tradition.

We’re super excited to let our friends in the brewing industry really let their hop flag fly. Join us on February 6th for a hop showcase a bit unlike anything we’ve done in the past.