Friday, July 14th – Saturday, July 22nd — Celebrate Belgian Beer Week–Let’s Revisit the Trappists


Beginning on June 14th, the nation will once again celebrate Belgian Beer Week, a time to remind ourselves how much Belgium has given to the beer drinking community. Here at Brouwer’s Café, we believe every week is Belgian Beer Week and that there is never a bad time to drink a Belgian beer. Whether lambic is life, wit is wonderful, or saison is soul, there is something for everyone from the small, roughly Maryland-sized nation.

That being said, there is rarified air, even amongst all the flavors of the Kingdom. Those special brews are known as the Trappist Ales. Brewed by the monks of the 11 working Abbeys (worldwide), many of these beers have been around for well over a hundred years, with the oldest over 400 years! Belgium is home to 6 of these Abbeys and we are fortunate enough to be able to get 5 of them in the U.S.

June 17th – 22nd, we’ll be highlighting the Trappist beers we carry and giving a discount on those bottles. We hope you will come in and reaquint yourselves with the classics and the backbone of Belgian craft beer. We’ll also have a wide range of other Belgian beers available to try out both in bottles and on draft.

Thursday, June 28th @11am Belgium Vs England

While we aren’t known as a sports bar, we do fancy ourselves to be fans of Belgium. Beers, chocolates, cuisine, you name it, we like it. That will extend to the World Cup this year. We’ll be showing the Belgium/England match on June 28th at 11 am. As a bonus, we’ll be playing it with the sound on, a rarity for us.

We are inviting our Belgian friends and national team supporters to put on their finest kits and joining us to watch Les Diables Rouges take on the Three Lions. I mean, c’mon, we don’t have the U.S. to cheer on, so you might as well. Belgium is rad. It’s the seat of the EU, they ride bicycles, they love beer and chocolates, and they are one of the most traffic-congested places in Europe. Brussels and Seattle are like twins.

Wednesday, June 27th @ 5pm, Celebrate New Belgium 20 Years of Sour

New Belgium 20 years of sour

Two decades ago while the staples of Fat Tire, 1554, and Sunshine were making a name for and keeping the lights on at New Belgium, a man named Peter Bouckaert, formally of Rodenbach, was brought on to take over the brewing reigns from founder Jeff Lebesch. Peter, along with Eric and Lauren Salazar, then began the process of creating a robust sour beer program.

A couple brews later, lovingly referred to as Felix and Oscar, and the brewery had the bases for their long lineage of superb sour ales. From the Lips of Faith series in the beginning to the Tart Lychees, Sour Saisons, and Single-Foeder offerings of today, New Belgium has continually created wonderful, cellarable labors of Love.

We at Brouwer’s have been friends and fans of the good people of New Belgium and are delighted to be able to host a 20th Anniversary Celebration to commemorate two decades of pushing the palates and educating the American public on these old-world styles of ale. Please join us on Wednesday, June 27th and reacquaint yourself with the classics of the Lips of Faith and new offerings like the Passionfruit Foeder Saison. As a bonus treat, we’ve dove into the cellar and had pulled out several of the original cork and cage La Folie’s from 2009.


Friday, June 22nd @5pm Shadow Hike-a-thon Benefit for Old Dog Haven!

Shadow Hike-a-thon

If there are two things we at Brouwer’s Café like, other than beer and pommes frites, it’s our dogs and hiking. This year, we’ve been asked to partner with the Shadow Hike-a-thon Fundraiser benefiting the Old Dog Haven in Oak Harbor.

The Shadow Hike-a-thon was founded by a Whatcom County couple as a way to honor their late pooch, Shadow, seven years ago. Until this year, all the hiking had been completed in Bellingham, but this year they are including a hike down in Seattle to incorporate their friends in King County. In the seven years they have been doing this, they have raised a total of $40,000.

This year, as an extra treat, they are partnering with their (and our!) friends at The North Fork on Mount Baker Highway to brew Winnie’s Rescue Red Ale with some proceeds benefiting the Old Dog Haven. The special brew will be available on June 22nd before the hike, at Hop and Hound in Bothell, and after, here at Brouwer’s. The beer will be available at 5:30 and all proceeds will go to the charity. We are happy to be able to help out a wonderful organization with a very noble goal.

From their page: “Old Dog Haven was founded in 2004 to provide safe, loving homes for abandoned senior dogs who have almost zero chance of adoption in a shelter. We do not have a kennel; all our dogs live in homes as members of temporary or permanent (Final Refuge) families. We take dogs 8 years and older from shelters and occasionally from owners in Western Washington. We adopt out dogs that have a reasonable life expectancy; however, more than 90% of our dogs are Final Refuge (permanent foster) or hospice residents – too frail, old or sick for adoption. ODH’s mission is to give these dogs a loving family and good quality of life in their final months, years, weeks or even days. We also assist owners who need to re-home their senior dog and help shelters and other rescues place their seniors.”

For more information about ODH, please visit:

Thursday, June 21st 6pm-9pm, Goodlife Brewing Presents G. Love Special Sauce IPA Release

Sometimes the stars align and two forces are brought together to create special things. GoodLife Brewing is super stoked to announce a very cool project with national recording artist G. Love. We are collaborating with him to release a limited edition seasonal release of G. Love’s Special Sauce IPA.

The GoodLife Brewing team and G. Love will be partying at Brouwer’s Cafe for one night and one night only so come hang out with us and meet G! He’ll be playing an acoustic set for an hour and you definitely won’t want to miss it!

Wednesday, June 6th @ 6pm. A Night With Duvel, Learn the perfect pour! Only $6.66 a bottle

Duvel 💯 A Celebration of Perfection

Rated a 100 by Draft Magazine, we will have 100 Duvels available to drink at a devilish price of $6.66, and a representative here to certify those who would like to become a Duvel perfect pourer, learn the perfect Duvel pour and keep the glass.

Join us on Wednesday, June 6th at 6pm, as we celebrate perfection that is Duvel.   Here’s a link to the Event Page.

Thursday, May 17th @11am Sour Fest

Sour Fest

After you’ve gotten your fill of big, gnarly stouts, it’s time for a palette cleanser or two. Once again, Brouwer’s Café is pleased to present Sour Fest. It’s our favorite event of the year and one we love to bring to the Seattle beer community. As is tradition, we’ll have 55 sour beers on draft, enough to quench the thirst of any who venture to sunny Fremont on May 17th. We’ll be tapping world-class beers from around the globe covering the entire gamut of sour varieties. From lightly tart to enamel ripping, you’ll find it all at Brouwer’s!

Tuesday, May 15th @3pm An Evening with Burial Brewing


Way on the other side of the country, there is a cool little burg that happens to be one of the best places to visit for craft beer lovers. In that town, Asheville, North Carolina, lies one of our favorite craft breweries, Burial Brewing Co. Putting two and two together and after a painstaking negotiation process (we asked, and they were nice enough to oblige us), we bring to you, A Night with Burial. We’ll have 6-8 unique selections showcasing the great beers from down the hollar.

Friday, May 11th @11am Back in Black Stout Fest

Stout Fest

Are you already tired of the oppressive Seattle Spring, with all its sunshine and pollen and warmth? Do you pine for the long, rainy nights of the Pacific Northwest? Do you just want an excuse to drink a bunch of dark beers and eat Stoofvlees on a sunny* day?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, have we got an event for you! Join us once again on May 11th-13th for Back in Black Stout Fest! We’ll have the usual fare of 40+ stouts to warm the soul during this trying time of the year. Come on out for some of the biggest of the big, the blackest of the black, and that baddest of the bad-ass stouts that we can assemble!

*Brouwer’s Café does not have any control of the weather and therefore cannot guarantee a sunny day

Stay tuned for a Draftlist

Wednesday, March 28th @6pm, Drunk Herstory 2 A Fundraiser for Planned Parenthood

There’s a sweet video on our Facebook page.

You know what sounds like a good time? Watching badass women drink beer and talk about other badass women. That’s right, once again, some of our favorite women of craft are here to entertain and educate with Drunk HERstory. Last year was so positive that we couldn’t pass on the opportunity to host this amazing event again and raise money for one of the most important organizations out there – Planned Parenthood. Last year, $10,000 was raised for PP and this year we hope to do even better.

There will be two sets of storytellers regaling you with the stories of important women throughout history all whilst enjoying a couple pints from the breweries they represent. We invite you to join us for an evening of fun and fundraising with Drunk HERstory!

Saturday, March 24th @ 11:30, Brouwer’s 13th Anniversary and National Orval Day

Brouwer’s Café Celebrates its 13th Anniversary and Orval Day

They say the number 13 is unlucky, but after that many years in Seattle, we’d say we are truly lucky to have found such a wonderful home. We always like to blow it out for our anniversaries and this year will certainly be no exception.
Please join us in celebrating another year in this terrific city. We’ll have two outstanding anniversary beers brewed by our friends at North Fork in Deming, WA and Structures in Bellingham. In addition to those two offerings, we’ll de diving deep into the cellar to bring out anniversary beers of years past and some other tasty brews as well.

To top it all off, it’s also National Orval Day! One of our very favorite Trappist brews is being celebrated once again and we couldn’t be happier to share the day with them. We’ll have Orval both fresh and aged for your enjoyment.
It promises to be a memorable day, so please come out to celebrate and cheers what will be a great year ahead.

Saturday-Sunday, February 24th and 25th, HARDLIVER Barleywine Fest

16th Annual HardLiver Barleywine Festival

Out of the bleakness of the Seattle Winter comes a shining beacon of hope. After conditioning (or pickling) your bodies during the holiday season, it’s time to do some real heavy lifting and again show your body whose boss. That’s right! Hard Liver is upon us once more.

Now in its 16th year, we’ll be showcasing the best the world in barleywine has to offer. Old stalwarts of the style will mix it up with recent releases in a no-holds-barred event where the winner is surely to be you.

We will be tapping at least 50 barleywines that’ll make you taste buds tingle and your body mourn what could’ve been had there not been such a thing as barleywine.

Join us the last weekend in February for this time-honored tradition where we will once again find out, “How hard is your liver?!”

Tuesday, February 13th @ 6pm, Little Beast Washington Launch Event

Change is common in the beer industry, and sometimes that change leads to the creation of a great new brewery. Charles Porter, formally of Logsdon Farmhouse Ales and the mind behind Peche n’ Brett, and his wife and partner, Brenda Crow decided it was time such a change. Together they founded Little Beast Brewing, currently nestled in Beaverton, OR.

You may have had the pleasure of drinking a Dream State Foeder-Aged Ale with Strawberries at Big Wood, or seen a couple of the other rare offerings around Seattle. We are excited to announce that we will be hosting their Seattle launch on Tuesday, February 13th. We’ll have several of their brews on draft as well as in bottles for your enjoyment.

Porter is using his vast knowledge of brewing rustic, wild, and sour ales to create wonderful beers showcasing the Northwest’s vast array of edible plant life. Please join us in welcoming Little Beast to the city where we have little doubt that you’ll enjoy these special ales as much as we do.

Thursday, February 8th 9pm-11pm, Beerlesque

BEERlesque– an Evening of Beer and Burlesque featuring Sailor St. Claire as MC,  with 2 performances from: Sara Dipity, Ruby Mimosa, and Amara Strutt

Breaking from the normal fare of Brouwer’s Café, we’ll be hosting a wonderful night of entertainment featuring some of Seattle’s finest burlesque performers. Proceeds from the evening will be donated to PAWS, a Washington animal service organization dedicated to treating injured wildlife and finding loving animals their forever homes.

To help fundraising, this will be a ticketed event. We will pre-sell tickets and have a few available for purchase the evening of the event. Pre-sold tickets will be $20 and includes a chair and a beer from one of our partner breweries – Samuel Smith’s, Lindemans, Ayinger, Weihenstephaner, and Dupont.

The show will begin around 9 pm and run until 11 pm. A limited menu will be available during the event. Ticketing details will be released soon.

Click Beerlesque for Tickets

Find out more about the entertainers by following the provided links:

Thursday, February 1st, @3pm–4th Annual Hop Mob Roadshow Kickoff

4th Annual Washington Hop Mob Triple IPA Roadshow Kickoff

Several years ago, a few Washington brewers got together and discussed a few topics concerning the industry. One of those topics centered on all the hype a certain early-year, California beer release received every year. Wanting to promote the terrific Triple IPAs that local brewers create, that band of intrepid brewers came together to create what was known as the Hop Mob.

What started out as 12 breweries showcasing their Triple IPA chops has now grown to over 50 Washington breweries coming together to create this amazing and unique event.

Brouwer’s has strived to be a platform to show off these wares and once again we’ll be tapping the lion’s share of the available IIIPAs for the annual kickoff event. We invite you to come out come out, drink some giant IPAs, and help support the mission of the Hop Mob – to promote the fantastic beers that Washington brewers are producing.

Look for a list of participating breweries in the near future.

Friday, December 29th @ 6pm-Farwell to the Master, Jamie Mastin, aka the Love Master, formerly of New Belgium Brewing

Farewell to the Master

The time has finally come. Jamie Mastin, or more affectionately known as the Love Master, is hanging up his handlebars after 25 years of service to New Belgium out of Fort Collins, CO. Jamie has been a terrific friend and loyal ambassador of the beer industry and we just couldn’t let him go without one last blowout. We’ll have Mike Butler spinning records and maybe the Master himself on the 1’s and 2’s.

Please join us as we spend an evening telling stories, listening to tales of the old times, and maybe having just a little bit of fun at Jamie’s expense. We will tap our 10th Anniversary beer, Decennium, La Terrior , and a few New Belgium classics for the night.


Wednesday, February 21st @ 6pm. Demon Sweat vs Holy Water Whiskey Event

If Benjamin Franklin was right and beer is proof that god loves us and wants us to be happy (ok, maybe it was about wine), then whiskey could be of someone else’s grand design.

This theory was put to the test when Four Roses Distillery made for us a truly devilish nectar that we’ve since called Demon Sweat. Spicy and hot like the fires of inferno, it certainly is (122.2) proof

Having run its course here at Brouwer’s it’s now time to cleanse ourselves. We’ve asked the High Clerics of Woodinville to lay their hands and provide unto us a purging salve so that we may be saved once again. They have obliged and given us Holy Water, a 132.16 proof single barrel from deep within their catacombs.

Join us on February 21st for the release of our new single barrel whiskey. We’ll have a special flight of both Four Roses Demon Sweat and Woodinville Holy Water. This will be the last opportunity to have Demon Sweat at Brouwer’s and flights are limited. We hope to see you all out that evening.

Thursday, December 7th-Sunday December 10th, 10th Annual Bigwood Festival

If you are a fan of barrel-aged beers then we’ve got an annual event that you will love!

It’s our annual BIG WOOD FESTIVAL!

We go into our cellar and choose over 50 delicious treats that have been barrel-aged and tap them for you to enjoy. There’ll be something for everyone. The drafts will range from sours to stouts, to even ciders! So, join us and bring your favorite beer friends on Thursday, Dec. 7th – Sunday, Dec. 10th for this delicious event!